Exquisite Quills

EQBannerWhat is Exquisite Quills?
I started a terrific book-loving organization known as Exquisite Quills. It’s filled with old author friends & new reader/writer friends. Together we’ve built a book-loving community. Come join us!

Yahoo Group:

Contact me on Facebook if you have any questions. Or send me a tweet on Twitter  though I may not answer right away. Twitter is my last social haunt and I’m a busy author.  😀  @RoseAnderson_(notice the at the end)

Free weekly promotional opportunities for authors and new book discoveries for readers can be found on my Exquisite Quills blog. http://exquisitequills.blogspot.com/

Our fun memes are changed often to keep the experience fresh and interesting for readers and writers alike. Here’s a sample of what we’ve hosted so far:

One Line Monday ~ Share one perfect “wow” sentence from your novel.
*Summer Heat ~  A hot weather adult post on summer Mondays. *Seasonal
I love Log Lines ~ Your story’s concept boiled down to one or two sentences.
Wash Line Monday ~ Share your novel’s clothing descriptions.
Mystery Monday ~ Share up a 300-word
or less teaser.
Tickle Us Tuesday ~ Share those funny lines from your novel.

The Tuesday Review ~ Share one line of a review.
Stellar Reviews
~ Share up to 200 words of your best review.
Hump Day Blurb Share on Wednesday ~ Share your blurb.

Thursday  13 ~ Share a juicy 13 sentences.
Throwback Thursday ~ Share from your backlist.
Hero Highlight ~ Share tempting adjectives that make us want to meet your hero.
Novel Taglines ~ Share a bit of succinct and novel phrasing.
Follow Me, Follow You on Thursday ~ A social media day to share your links.
Thursday Cliffhanger ~ Share up to 300 words of suspense.
Blog Party on Thursday ~ Share your best blog posts for the week
First Lines Friday ~ Share the first three lines of any chapter.
Sunday Peek ~ Share a sample 1 to 6 sentences long.
Sunday 7 ~ Just seven of your best lines.
Sunday Preview ~Share up to 300 words of your work in progress or new release.
Sunday Snippet ~ Just 1 to 3 sentences from your novel.
Set the Scene in Six ~ Share 6 tempting sentences.

And more to come!


EQ2015Anthology Cover.500x636We also do group projects such as our award-winning holiday anthology. Buy wherever books are sold and on Amazon









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