Time Stamped

newyyearAs mentioned earlier, my husband and I are building a vintage postcard scrapbook ~ one postcard at a time. The album spans 100 years from 1860 to 1960 and many slots are yet to be filled. From here on out they’re all New Years themed. Scroll down to see previous postcards.

This is my only photo postcard. It’s undated but does give a few clues to work with. First off, it’s not a cabinet card or carte de visite — both popular photo keepsakes of the mid-Victorian/early-Edwardian eras. This an actual postcard made for mailing. I know because the back says Post Card.

Her clothing, although partially obscured, gives some idea of the time this photo was taken. Women’s clothing components often identify the era –a fashion time stamp if you will.

The clues:

She is a young woman, so then as now her dress would reflect the modern age.
Her skirt doesn’t have the slight swept back look that would indicate a bustle worn during the 1870-80s. Instead it’s smooth and slightly flared below the knee which suggests we’d also find a shorter hem and visible shoes. Her sleeves are puffy, but not the hugely puffy sleeves of 1890s-1900. Taken all together what we see is indicative of the turn of the last century. But we can narrow it down further for there’s a time stamp — the hat. Medium-sized hats came into style around 1905. Wide hats in 1911. To me this says the photo was taken sometime in the five years between 1905 and 1911. Wasn’t that fun?

Since I’ve not posted in a few days, I’ll share a few more~

I have NO idea what that last potato creature represents. Prosperity perhaps?

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Words Worth Msnowman-mdentioning for December

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man.”
~Benjamin Franklin


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