Something New!

EQ2015Anthology Cover.1485x2100NEW!
My international reader/writers group Exquisite Quills is trying something new this year. It’s available for pre-order for ebook now, and the paperback comes out on November 30th. It’s a lovely book, if I do say so myself. 21 charming holiday stories and even more delicious recipes.

If you’re a Twitter user, please consider helping this international endeavor by joining our Thunderclap campaign. With this no-strings-attached tweet-blast, we expand our world exposure for one day. Thank you for considering!

My Other Book News~

Another three 5-star reviews of The Changeling!

My other recent release~
Entice Me
– a multi-author collection for 99¢. My story is Heart of Stone

oak bannerCreating things has been a part of my life from the very first time I picked up a crayon in my small stubby-fingered hand as a child. My head was full of images, but as a very young child I could never get them out on paper when I tried to draw them. They appeared as scribbles. Very frustrating. I just didn’t have the coordination.

Eventually my little self moved from those sadly unmaneuverable crayons to colored pencils that went exactly where I wanted their colored lines to go. Over time I learned how to draw and sketch and incorporate shadows and light. I mastered charcoal and oil pastels and time passed. Paint on paper started out difficult but I eventually got the hang of tempera paints and later acrylics and oils. Later I added sculpting, carving, and sewing to my list of creative pastimes. Through all those many years and many mediums, it was paper itself that formed a special bond with me.

paperdollI was very young when I picked up forbidden scissors for the first time and cut out a paper duck. The real scissors were heavy and hard to wield but sharp and pointed– so unlike those useless snub-nosed children’s scissors that tore more paper than they actually cut. How odd I remember that long ago moment. I remember it because  my child’s imagination was vibrant but what my mind conceived rarely appeared when I drew–just the scribbles I mention above. But that day with adult scissors I was told not to touch, the thoughts reproduced in paper were almost exact to what my mind envisioned. It’s the same today. Put paper and scissors before me and anything might come from it —  a snowflake or a Hagia Sophia with a genie and a flying carpet (yes, I once cut that out of paper).

I don’t do much paper cutting these days, nor do I do draw much. Forty-three years of rheumatoid arthritis, sneak thief it is, has made such things only doable in small amounts. But paper and I are still close companions. I still incorporate shadows and light, and I color imaginary worlds with sentences precisely snipped from every corner of my mind. I write books.

This time of year, I temporarily set aside writing for other creative outlets. It’ll be rough on my hands, I know, but my gift making is a labor of love. Discomfort is a small price to pay to show family and friends what they mean to me. What greater expression than something made of hours of our precious time? We only get so much.

I find such multi-level creating does much to boost my literary crafting a few short weeks from now. While I’m busy expressing my love, I invite you to get acquainted with the other side of my creativity where all that imaginative vibrancy still finds ways to come out — in print. Scroll down to previous posts and click on the tabs above to see my book trailers and my other blogs filled with snippets, insights, and blogging challenges. take a look at my tag cloud on the right and you can see at a glance the creative force that drives me. You’ll also find recipes, writerly and chatty things, and more.

Take a moment to stop by Thursday. I have wonderful, whimsical vintage postcards from the 1870s to the 1950s. Long story. I share it tomorrow.

leafWords worth mentioning for November

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”
~Melody Beattie


RB4U purpleAuthors and Industry representatives all month long

Romance Books ‘4’ Us
The December contest starts soon. Prizes often include $100 in gift cards for Amazon/B&N, ebooks, print books, audiobooks, additional gift cards, and non-book items.



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