Pushing the Pull Door

laughBecause the world needs more laughs, I’m continuing on with my Satire Series today and start up again on Monday. Who knew Satire was such a vast human expression?

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Here’s a short recap if you’re stopping here for the first time ~

The word satire owes its roots to the Latin for well-fed as in saturated and sated. Makes sense to me. Being well-fed feels good and so does having a good laugh. There’s a lot to Satire so I’ve been breaking it down by nuance and showing examples. Today I’m examining juxtaposition — specifically ironic juxtaposition.

lolWhile ironic juxtaposition feels somewhat sarcastic to me, it’s really an artistic form of absurdity. Cartoons, caricatures, and comedy are the main vehicles that get the absurdity  message across, but it also shows up in literature and drama. The internet is filled with meme images and snapshots that cleverly show ironic juxtaposition, but it wasn’t easy to find a written example of it. Here’s a funny one.

It’s easier to recognize and appreciate this form of satire when we actually see conflicting things or thoughts set side by side. An example would be my guffawing colonial gentleman thabove. His proper language when saying he was laughing his butt off is sort of funny and it’s certainly an absurd contrast when delivered by a man of his time.

Cartoonist Gary Larson and his Far Side did a fantastic job with ironic juxtaposition. He often presents bizarre visuals like hippos wearing tap shoes, or ducks walking in a V formation rather than flying.

And a few more:
More~  An interview with Gary Larson.

Satire returns on Monday with burlesque!
As for Saturday and Sunday’s posts…It’s Halloween weekend! Come see what I have planned.

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leafWords worth mentioning for October

“Man is born to live, not to prepare for life.”
~Boris Pasternak


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