Satire ~ Instrument of Change!

Come Let's Laugh TogetherBecause the world needs more laughs, I’m continuing on with my Satire Series today. If you’ve stumbled across my blog for the first time, do scroll back to read the first posts on the topic. Should you enjoy my eclectic posts, I invite you to subscribe. My interests are broad and varied and topics could be anything.

Here’s a short recap if you’re stopping here for the first time ~ The word satire owes its roots to the Latin for well-fed as in saturated and sated. Makes sense to me. Being well-fed feels good and so does having a good laugh. There are three main forms of irony found in Satire. So far, we’ve looked at Dramatic Irony, Verbal Irony, political satire, and more. For today’s post I’m
examining satire as a social statement and instrument of change.

When I think of this sort of satire, my mind immediately goes to Garry Trudeau. He’s famous for charting and recording American folly  through a comic strip called Doonesbury. Remember his Scientific Penguinism back in the early 1980’s?


© Gary Trudeau

He’s been sketching satire since 1970, minus the hiatus of the last several years. It’s interesting to note that something recently brought him back to the newspapers — the carnival sideshow of presidential candidates in American politics. I’m sure he’ll make a social statement out of that. As far as satire goes, that stuff practically writes itself!

In 1975, Garry Trudeau was the first comic strip artist ever to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. He was also a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and the recipient of several prestigious awards bestowed in recognition of his work for wounded soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Learn more about this fascinating man and everything he’s up to these days.

Here’s an interesting interview from the UK.

Tomorrow~ Satire in Literature.

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leafWords worth mentioning for October

“Every great genius has an admixture of madness.”


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