fundaySundaySundays on my blog are all about wonder and smiles. In honor of mentally kicking back once in a while, Sundays are Fun Days! My Sunday visitors will find a fun, interesting, or unusual something here. I’m a nerd with a complex sense of humor and absurd wit. It could literally be anything.

When people think of bagpipes the first association made is likely Scotland. Believe it or not, bagpipes are found all over the world. (I’ll blog this in depth for next year’s A to Z Challenge). For now, here’s a clip of a favorite high-energy band from Germany ~ Corvus Corax (yeah, they are named for the raven). I love the drums– just watching it gets my pulse up! Enjoy.

A sizable list of bagpipes from other countries.

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HeartOfStoneCoverHEART of STONE

The story opens with the notorious witch hunts in 17th Century Salem, Massachusetts.

As formal education for women lacks substance in 1904, Neila Flannigan leaves Ireland to attend Radcliffe women’s college in America. Shy and introverted, Neila passes her lonesome hours sketching the Harvard grounds and sending drawings home to her father. A chance encounter with a kind and elderly Irish woman inspires her to sketch a statue in an old, unused building. Desperately lonely, Neila ends up sharing her thoughts and feelings with a man carved in stone. Some days it feels like he listens.

EnticeMe_300x199Heart of Stone~ Part of the Entice Me anthology
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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]THE CHANGELING

Half-fae Lenox Pendry is surrounded by secrets and none are his to keep. Plucked from his mother’s arms as an infant and raised a changeling, Lenox grows to adulthood unaware of what and who he is and oblivious to the danger unfolding as his birthday draws near. After he’s unwittingly sent to the Scottish Lowlands out of harm’s way, he chances to meet a beautiful healer named Janet Roxburgh. The townspeople believe her to be a witch. It would appear Janet has a few secrets of her own.
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Words worth mentioning for October

Life is a spell so exquisite that everything conspires to break it.
~Emily Dickinson


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