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glacialBoy autumn is coming on like gangbusters. The whole feel of the wild lands surrounding my house has changed. It’s busy and expectant now as every creature and plant prepares for the winter ahead. I love this time of year.  I love everything about it: The colors of the turning leaves, the expansive V’s of geese and fowl heading south, the vivid blue of the autumn sky, the muted light that illuminates those morning views  thick with fog.  Like today.

From my vantage point on the hill, the milky fog bank makes it look even wilder and reminds me of the Canadian wilderness. This morning the fog has the look of water. Cool morning fog often hangs just above the pristine wilderness lakes until the sun rises and melts it away. Today I’m on a wild island surrounded by it. Were I to venture outside, I’d find it oddly muted. It’s not that it isn’t as noisy as usual with chattering birds and rustling chipmunks and squirrels, it’s that sound just doesn’t travel far in the fog.  Sound becomes a vignette of sorts– a small sound picture. You only hear clearly the vibration immediately around you.

This is my season. Even my hair changes with the leaves. For the whole of my life people have wondered about this bizarre fact. This particular redhead is naturally the color of a golden redretriever. I used to think it was the angle of the sun that caused my coloring to change because light on, or reflecting off, surfaces is the reason our eyes detect colors. However, every year people comment on this mystery both inside and outside the house, during the day and at night. Why I change from coppery golds to deeper reds in the fall, I’ll never know.  Weird.

I love the cool days and frosty cold that sends me to snuggle up against my honey at night. I’m sure he appreciates that more in the cooler months than during the heat of summer. At my age my internal furnace is such I could sleep naked on an ice floe and be just fine. Heck, I’d likely just melt through the ice!

In the fall I want to make soup. Autumn is a soup time of year. Speaking of…I just discovered October 6th is the National Noodle Day!

Oodles of Noodles

Noodles go way back. In 2000, archaeologists in China discovered the Lajia archaeological site. Would you believe they found a clay bowl there with the world’s oldest known noodles inside? Carbon dating puts them at roughly 4000 years old. And they were made of two types of millet: foxtail and broomcorn millet. Wow. Such effort needed to collect those tiny seeds in any amount.

This noodle making clip is fascinating.

The Lajia archaeological site.

Pasta factory


ChangelingAd This just arrived from my publisher. What a lovely ad! I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. 

Madeline who? As Rose Anderson I write the intimate side of award-winning romance and will continue to do so. As Madeline Archer I’ll write the other flavors of fiction. It might be a sweeter love story, an otherworldly walk in the twilight zone, or something dark…

Nine award-winning and bestselling authors took part in Entice EnticeMe_300x199Me. The  set is available for pre-order now and releases on October 10th. It’s a steal for 99¢.  Amazon Link

We’d Rather Be Writing

I’m also in We’d Rather Be Writing: 88 Authors Share Timesaving Dinner Recipes and Other Tips. Amazon Link

leafWords worth mentioning for October

Every man’s work is a portrait of himself
~Jose Ortega Y Gasset

RB4U purpleToday is Author Tina Donahue’s blog day

Romance Books ‘4’ Us
The October contest is on! We have $100 in gift cards for Amazon/B&N. Other prizes often include ebooks, print books, audiobooks, additional gift cards, and non-book items.



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Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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