Light those candles. #saturday

candle-2Just a short post today. It’s busy around here.

I woke up this morning thinking about time. It might be because my youngest just turned 30. Marking someone else’s life invariably marks our own. Candles are symbolic of the passage of time. It’s the reason candles top birthday cakes– one for each year of the individual’s life.

Have you ever stopped to think that much of modern life depends on precise time? Think about it. Our transportation system relies upon it, as does communication and media. In fact, many technologies are dependent on super-accurate time: the International Space Station for example.

I know time is important in our linear lives — watching the alignment of the stars told early humans about the seasons changing and gave us an idea on when to hunt and when to plant. But when did counting the nano seconds become important to us and why?  Here’s the beginning of time keeping~

Many years ago, I had a fantastic high school physics teacher. He was one of those rare teachers who taught the topic they loved to learn themselves, and whose curiosity brought the standard study units to life. The crazy thing here was most of the kids in my class didn’t get physics, and certainly not his unusual delivery of it. He was a hands-on educator and we often tried experiments for ourselves that would be considered too dangerous today. In his maieutic way of teaching through questions and answers, he’d start each class by positing a theory followed by a question. This was generally met with blank faces staring back at him. The topics might have gone over most of the kids’ heads, but for some reason it all made perfect sense to me. Perhaps it was his delivery. Two other students in my class got it too. Our interest and questions led him deeper and deeper into the most delicious explanations of quantum mechanics and cosmic time.

We had one such deep discussion in class where he explained the three spatial dimensions to existence. That’s the day I learned time is often considered to be the fourth dimension.

Wrap your head around this.


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