Make mine a double #saturday

People have been sweltering all across the country for weeks with temperatures in the 90s and 100s. Well, the heat of summer finally reached my neck of the woods. It’ll be 102º today with the humidity. I have friends and relatives down south. To some of them, 102º is not considered all that hot. Perhaps it’s my thick northern blood, but I think it miserably so. While I lamented the heat expected today, my husband reminded me that it’s nearly August. Yeah, getting high temperatures in mid-July is better than getting them in May and having them last to the end of September. Been there, done that. I dislike high heat like this because it adds strength to thunderstorms. We have one expected tonight and that makes me anxious. I’m somewhat tornado phobic.  😦

Cooler heads prevail

stock-photo-8629534-two-scoops-of-ice-cream-clipping-pathI’ll lay low today and perhaps when the sun starts to go down I’ll invite my hubby to take me for ice cream or gelato.

The word gelato is Italian for ice cream– gelare –meaning to freeze. It comes from the Medieval Latin word gelātina. I don’t know which frozen treat I like better.

Some say it has less fat than ice cream, and some say more fat. Really, it’s about the same. Comparatively speaking, gelato is simply a creamier version of the ice cream we’re all used to. Here in the USA we’re so used to being fed garbage fillers in the food we eat, it just seems richer. Portions are different. A serving of gelato is generally smaller than a golf ball stock-photo-8629534-two-scoops-of-ice-cream-clipping-pathand the price for it is rather high. Your first thought might be you’re paying for a pretentious foreign name, but it turns out there’s a reason the portions sizes differ so much. It’s all about air.  In our land of downsizes and bogus packaging, it doesn’t surprise me to find American ice cream has roughly 50% air stirred in. Gelato about 25%  air. This is the reason homemade ice cream is richer tasting. The machine just stirs, it doesn’t increase volume by pumping in air.

In 1984, then President Ronald Reagan declared, with a presidential proclamation no less, that July would be the National Ice Cream Month.

greek-runner-small1The Roman emperor Nero had runners sent into the mountains to bring back ice for his table. He had a thing for iced fruit desserts.

You can find just about anything on youtube if you know how to search for it. This clip does pertain to ice cream if you plan to make your own. You’ll need ice. Have a laugh on me. 😀

A little ice cream history.

Here’s a recipe for 10 minute ice cream — no machinery required.

Here are three versions of the origin of the ice cream sundae. As a former Chicagoan, I’ve always believed it came from the neighboring village of Evanston Illinois.

Ice cream fun facts.

To feel good about your ice cream choices there’s always Ben & Jerry’s. Their foundation gives grants for grassroots efforts for social change. Bravo Ben and Jerry!

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Here’s one for today:
Alice said she couldn’t eat crabs or any other crushed Asians.
😀 This one made me laugh when I read it. Crushed Asians = crustaceans. 


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1 Response to Make mine a double #saturday

  1. I know what you mean about dreadfully hot summers. In north Texas it is also hovering around the 100 degree mark finally. I am thankful it began later than last year, but hope that doesn’t signal a hot autumn, my favorite season. That would be depressing in the extreme!

    Meanwhile, ice cream, gelato and any other iced treats on are our prime cool down treats these days. Even iced coffee and iced tea. Since I have an inner volcano smoldering most of the time, I should move to the Arctic Circle every summer.

    Stay away from tornadoes — you might do them an injury — and happy weekend to you!

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