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thMy daughter watches Mad Men, that show about a 1960’s advertising agency on on New York City’s Madison Avenue. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to get into it.  I lost my taste for soap operas years ago. There’s only so much pathos one mind can absorb –too much real drama happening in the world to want to be entertained by the fictional drama.

The show describes the lengths advertisers go to brand products in such a way as to make them unforgettable. Important stuff that. Unforgettable products are the ones that jump off the store shelves and into your cart. Several years ago a logos test popped up on the internet (I have links below to try the tests for yourself). The gist was you were given a bunch of logos without names and had to determine what brand/company they belonged to. I did shockingly well. These things are burned into our brains because humans have that gift of sight recognition that’s so important to species bonding. 

It’s funny how we recognize this stuff. To sidebar the topic a little…I’m teaching myself Photoshop. For practice, I try to expand on what was gained via a class I took last summer buy making little pictures out of parts of others. I imagine Victor Frankenstein had a blast stitching his projects together. I sure think it’s fun. I use my little creations for the daily Exquisite Quills memes that I host on my Exquisite Quills blog (see info below). Do stop by and see them.

Anyway…While searching for fonts the other day, I found a site with more than 1000.  In that mix they have a category titled Famous. There you can download the fonts of advertising. Want to write a document in the same font as Marlboro cigarettes or Kentucky Fried Chicken? How about Oreos or Frutopia?  Or perhaps Pizza Hut or Kitt Katt? I didn’t need to see the names of these fonts to tell where they were from. I recognized them all at a glance. I mention Mad Men and the advertising of the 1960s because those ad men did/do their jobs so well. There’s more than a devil in those details. How often do we stop to consider advertisements as art? 

Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup Cans

thIn the 1950s, a cultural art form arose called Pop Art– literally popular culture art. This modern art movement drew inspiration from the imagery, styles, and themes of popular culture, namely, advertising. One of the most influential characteristics of this art form is it borrowed from any source but mostly from objects of mass culture. By doing so, it proved there was no hierarchy to popular culture. The lines between high art (such as the masterpieces of the ages) and low culture (as seen in the common everyday soup can label) were blurred.

warholWho Was Andy Warhol?
Andy Warhol began his career as a highly successful illustrator and graphic designer and is considered to be one of the most important artists of the Pop Art movement. Best remembered for his paintings of the Campbell’s soup cans and the color-blast photos of Marilyn Monroe, there are actually hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films.

His iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans paintings co-oped a universally recognizable image and delivered it in a fine art context. This was social commentary at its finest. Our society was filled with products identifiable at a glance. We had been effectively branded by our consumerism.  Warhol’s soup cans debuted on this day in 1962, and forever changed the face of modern art. Now doesn’t make you want a bowl of chicken noodle soup?

Andy Warhol -A Documentary in 2 parts

This site has many examples of his little known works

The Warhol Museum

Take the logo test! Here are a few to get you started~


100Things!My 100 things will focus on malapropisms and I’ll stick with it until I can’t find any more. From the French mal a propos (meaning inappropriate), defines malapropisms as an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, especially by the confusion of words that are similar in sound.
Here’s one for today:
For All Intensive Purposes


RB4U purpleMy 4th of the month blog post is still up on Romance Books ‘4’ Us. I’m talking about the mysterious messages that wash up on beaches in bottles. Very interesting, if I do say so myself. Come see!


RB4U purpleToday is Author Melissa Keir’s blog day

Romance Books ‘4’ Us
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