To Boldly Go… #HumpDay #Wednesday

saucerOn July 8th, 1947, a sheep rancher was making his rounds near Corona, New Mexico. A powerful thunderstorm hit the area the night before, so thinking he’d better look in on the livestock and check the fences for breaks, he took a young neighbor with him in case he needed help. When they came to an open field, they noticed debris– tiny, shiny pieces of some odd metallic material unfamiliar to them, all scattered over an area of about three quarters of a mile long and several hundred feet wide. He brought some pieces to the local sheriff who in turn showed the debris to an officer at the local military base.

From there,  one colonel gave orders to another colonel to inform the media that the Air Force had in its possession a “crashed saucer”. The famous newspaper headlines read:

Roswell-SaucerThis statement would be retracted shortly after going to print. Thereafter the flying saucer was simply a weather balloon.

roswell-newspaper_army-debunks-flying-diskThe people who had handled the material first stood firm when new pictures of the debris depicted something completely different.  Why a cover up a common weather balloon? As if that wasn’t strange enough thing to do, there were eyewitness accounts of alien bodies in that wreckage.  Hmm…

So…was this wreckage from Cold War testing of aircraft? Or did a UFO little-grey-alienreally crash in New Mexico in 1947 and the US government covered it up? Who knows.  I think it the height of human hubris indeed, to believe in all the vastness of the universe we are the only beings capable of space flight. Look how far we have come since the rocket testing of 1950s and the moon walks of the 1960s. At least one of our probes has left our solar system and is now venturing into that vast unknown. We have scientists floating in orbit in a space station as I write this, and our scientists are even talking about a future manned mission to mars.

The whole concept of life beyond our small spec in the cosmos tickles me.  I loved the futuristic imagination of Author Gene Roddenberry who saw mankind boldly going where no man had gone before. And imagination is exactly why I’m an author.

This is rather fun to read.


100Things!My 100 things will focus on malapropisms and I’ll stick with it until I can’t find any more. defines malapropisms as an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, especially by the confusion of words that are similar in sound. Here’s one for today:
A rolling stone gathers no moths.


RB4U purpleMy 4th of the month blog post is still up on Romance Books ‘4’ Us. I’m talking about the mysterious messages that wash up on beaches in bottles. Very interesting, if I do say so myself. Come see!


RB4U purpleToday is guest Author Rosemary Morris

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