Where did the year go? #MondayBlogs

timeToday I discovered there are only 178 days left in the year.  2015 is just about half over. Good grief, where has the time gone?? I suspect this is the way of it now. I’m over the hill and all things accelerate on the down slope.  lol And my heels are smoking as I apply the break.

All in all 2015 hasn’t been too bad. I had a very hard time being creative with my heavy heart. I’ve force myself to do little things, learn processes, and keep up with everything associated with being an author as best I could through an emotional haze. I concede that we never really stop grieving, but our hearts do become accustomed to the absence eventually despite the holes our loved ones leave behind. I realized recently that while the holes are undeniably there, my sad emotions associated with two years of personal loss are finally easing up. <insert sigh of relief here>

Like I said,  I did keep up on everything associated with being an author even after my muse skipped town on me. A lot has been going on in that department too. I’ve been involved in a new venture for one of my series, namely be being vetted by Indie Artist Press– a publisher who hand-picks well-written books and represents them. The honor of that had me feeling giddy for a while. Books one and two of my Loving Leonardo series were bound under one cover entitled The Leonardo Chronicles and given new launch. Now I need to get cracking and write the third book. I originally had five books in mind before the aforementioned grief shut creativity down. We’ll see where that goes. My hopes are high with this undertaking.

When I set my mind to learning something, I go as far as this crowded brain will allow. Every one of my novels was created to test some aspect of the publishing world such as reader trends, niches, series viability, popular genres, target audiences, etc. Loving Leonardo was my unanticipated toe into uncharted waters. The story popped in my head and stayed for the full 10 days it took me to write 120,000 words of an award-winning rant piece inspired by one afternoon’s mean-spirited news topics.  I do my best (and fastest!) writing when peeved. I really do. lol

rosefront1I also have a new novel in queue, freshly edited and possessing a fantastic cover seen here by well-known tarot card artist Claudia McKinney. I’m very pleased with the surreal look. The Changeling is waiting on publishing and may possibly be an October release.  A few months lead time will allow for a grand buzz prior to the debut. I haven’t done that before, but I have seen other authors do it. I’m considering the logistics. Always testing…

This particular story is something different for me. I’ve mentioned here before that I never planned on being a romance writer and certainly never envisioned becoming an erotic romance writer. It was all about getting into the publishing world fast and learning as much as I could, as fast as I could, before moving on. I did, I have, and I’m not quite ready to leave romance just yet. I have four partially done novels and at least two series installations I really want to complete before I head back to my main work — the magnum opus (a long story, 5-books, as yet unnamed, and the reason I jumped into romance to learn what I could.) I tried to get back into my magnum opus two years ago but grief clouded my mind. Until I get my non-romance mojo back 100%, I’ll focus on these other easier writings. The magnum opus is a high-concept piece. I’ll need that mojo sharp to complete it.

Anyway…The Changeling is a fantasy romance that leans toward the sensual side of literature.  As it isn’t erotic romance like the others, I toyed with the idea of making a new pen name for myself. After much thought and highly respected opinion, it just didn’t make sense career-wise to start up a new name. Rose is a multi-published, award-winning author after all. And, as one of my author friends so perfectly put it, readers who read erotic romance read everything else too. So no loss. Still, people like what they like and avoid what they don’t. To make it easy on readers, I plan to compartmentalize and put the different sub-genres of my writing under their own umbrella. Another test for me.

Following my fancy, I really do write everything.  In fact, I’m just about ready to publish my children’s story that’s been sitting in a file for the last 22 years. Of course that will have a different author name on the cover — no muddying the literary waters there.

And lastly, I’m half-way through my 20k anthology piece through Romance Books ‘4’ Us coming early fall 2015.  My muse was on vacation and she’s back. It took the month-long A to Z Challenge in April to bust through that wall of writer’s block. Thank you organizers of the A to Z!

So enough about writers block and whats been happening. Tomorrow I’m back to blogging as usual. Who knows what this curious mind will find.

RB4U purpleMy 4th of the month blog post is still up on Romance Books ‘4’ Us. I’m talking about the mystery of messages that wash up on beaches in bottles. Very interesting, if I do say so myself.  Come see!

And speaking of RB4U… today is Author Tina Donahue’s blog day.
http://romancebooks4us.blogspot.com/And over on the RB4U website, the Christmas in July contest is on! We have $100 in gift cards for Amazon/B&N. Other prizes can include ebooks, print books, audiobooks, more gift cards and non-book items. http://www.romancebooks4us.com/


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