Fun Day Sunday & Weekend Happenings

funday smileIf you’ve been here before then you know Sundays on my blog are all about wonder and smiles. In honor of mentally kicking back once in a while, Sundays are Fun Days! Each Sunday, visitors will find a fun, interesting, or unusual something here. I’m a nerd with a complex sense of humor and absurd wit. It could literally be anything.

We went to a dance party last night. Fun time. There was one tune played where shaker instruments came out and some people danced and some played. I played the zills. Zills are little hand cymbals (think belly dance). So I woke up this morning thinking about last night and feeling the urge to drum. Sadly, I haven’t drummed since I hurt my arm in August. I really miss it. If this is your first time to my blog, I am a world drummer– that is, I play percussion instruments from all over the world. 

Anyway…I wanted to share a few clips of percussion music unlike anything you’ve seen before. This digital animation is called Animusic. The people who crafted these clips have truly remarkable imagination and an amazing knowledge of instrumental cause and effect. I wouldn’t be surprised were the machines actually built, they’d play just so. Enjoy!

And I’ll add this drum-less one because it’s my favorite.


Someone wrote them up on Wiki if you want to know more.


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Weekend Writing Warriors

My Sexy Saturday & Sexy Snippets

Sunday Snippet
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In honor of Valentine’s Day, this month the RB4U authors are writing to the theme Dinner for Two. I shared a deliciously sensual short story. Come see!


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RB4U purpleToday’s guest is Author Tricia Andersen.

Romance Books ‘4’ Us ~
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