Love Lights in the Morning

moonsunI was just out with the little dog and boy oh boy is it bitter cold. That spotlight moon that shown through my bedroom window all night long created a false dawn and got me up early. That moon is still in the shadow-blue sky as bold and bright as it was last night. I like when the full moon lingers in the west while the full sun is cresting the horizon.  There are legends that say the sun and moon are lovers who linger in the sky as long as they can just to see one another.  I remember one. I’ll paraphrase…

Long ago, when all things were simpler than today, the sun shown brightly.  The people loved the sun for he brought warmth and light and helped things grow.  But no one realize how lonely he was hanging in his sky.  Unaware, they reveled in his light and made music and danced. The sun watched the people, and while it made him happy to see their joy, he keenly felt his solitude. When it became too much to bear each day, the sun set.

At the same time on the other side of the earth, the moon rose among the clouds in the night sky. She too was sad, for at night no one danced or made music out in the darkness. One evening as the sun began to set he caught a glimpse of her radiance as she rose. He thought her most lovely. The moon saw him as well and thought him magnificent. So happy to have found love at last, he painted the sky for her as a gift. Even today, the sun colors the horizon when he rises and sets out of love for the moon. And the moon slips away from the night sky every month just so she can be with him. Sometimes they’re spotted together. People call this tryst an eclipse.

More~ J. R.R. Tolkien wrote this about the sun and the moon.

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2 Responses to Love Lights in the Morning

  1. treknray says:

    Today’s blog is so cool. I like myths and legends.

    We haven’t had any real cold. Tonight it will get down to 16 degrees F. It won’t get above freezing until later in the week. I rarely spent any time in the US in winter after New Year while working for MSC. I went to places that had cold weather, but nearly always above 40 degrees.

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