New Year just hours away…

new-years-champagneI wish you a happy, healthy, loving, and prosperous new year!

So the year comes to a close. I’m glad for it even though at my age it sure seems like time on this side of the hill moves faster than on the other side! I’m glad, because for me 2014 began in sadness that culminated in heartbreak, and it’s time to move on.

Thank you for joining me here every day. I have big plans for both my career and my blog during the coming year. My interests are varied and a whole wide world awaits. You never know what topic will spark a post each day. I’m versatile!

Case in point…

Comet Lovejoy is coming into view in the northern sky. If you have access to an area with less light pollution, the comet will soon appear just to the right of the bottom half of Orion’s bow. If you know your constellations, that’s just above Eridanus. Apparently the comet’s show will be especially good come mid-January.


newwyearsSince Thanksgiving I’ve shared the vintage postcards from the scrapbook my husband started as a Christmas gift for me two years ago. The album spans 100 years from 1860 to 1960 and we’ve been adding to it whenever a card catches our fancy. 

I find this one interesting. It has luck charms bursting forth with the champagne cork. Ok…horseshoes, clovers, and coins, but mushrooms? They’re the red-capped amanita mushroom, a toxic fungi also known as death cap and destroying angel. It’s also a clue.

I mentioned how the lithograph postcard industry was dominated by Germany prior to WWI. In Germany and other parts of Europe the amanita mushroom is a symbol of good luck. They’re called glückspilz or lucky devils. I suppose if you ate one and came out alive on the other side of your  near-death hallucination, you’d certainly consider yourself lucky. The card is dated 1907 and is embossed. This is the last holiday card until next year. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Scroll down to see previous postcards.

We’ve had such a fun time collecting cards. I’ve picked up a few non-holiday postcards here and there so I think it’s time for another album. I got this one several years ago. It’s from 1915 just prior to US involvement in WWI. It’s also one of my absolute favorite cards.
dogsIf you’d like to start such a collection for yourself, you’ll often find old correspondence like postcards in antique stores, estate sales, and flea markets. You’ll also find them on ebay. The majority of ours come from a local summer flea market –our standing Sunday “date” from April to November. Though they can be expensive depending where you look, we’ve never spent more than $3 on a card. Most are $1.00 so we find it an inexpensive hobby.


I love old things. My house is full of them. It’s the thought behind them that draws me in. Every “thing” I’ve picked up over the years began as a concept. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bottle stopper, a pin cushion, or a Cracker Jack toy, someone thought it up. It was somebody’s imagination at play. As a person who spends a good deal of time working out of my imagination, I just love this.

I once paid $7 for a sandwich bag full of thimbles at an estate sale because I happened to be in the room that held all the sewing stuff at the right time of day. The sun was streaming in through the bare window and made something P121_(4)in the bag on the table glow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Among the worn thimbles and old advertisement thimbles was a heavy one made of ornate gold. It wasn’t a simple gold thimble –it was a Victorian engagement thimble. These love tokens have a wedding band base that was cut off and worn as a ring. See the image. This isn’t my thimble, mine is more ornate, but it shows the wedding band on the bottom. If you come across a very shallow thimble made of silver or gold, chances are excellent that a ring was cut from it.

That unfinished story gleaming in that bag of thimbles is what caught my eye, for I had never seen one in the flesh. It begged the question —Why wasn’t the ring cut from the thimble? What had occurred that the courtship didn’t use its ring? That’s what I mean by concept. Someone conceived such a love token to begin with. Another bought the conception for an idea of their own –a purpose that did or did not take place.
And that’s how it is I find myself an author.

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6 Responses to New Year just hours away…

  1. rosgemmell says:

    Thanks for all your interesting blog posts, Rose. Wishing you much happiness, health and success in 2015!

  2. melissakeir says:

    Happy New Year Rose. I hope you have a wonderful 2015! Thanks for sharing your passions with us!

  3. treknray says:

    Happy New Year.

    Every time there is a significant astronomical event it is cloudy here. There is too much light pollution. I have a very powerful set of binoculars. Until I gave away my tripod I could see the five largest moons of Jupiter one clear night. I can’t use the most powerful lense set up without a tripod. I would probably see one moon and count it five times. The slightest movement of my arms makes it impossible to see even Christmas lights without them being blurred. I bought them for shipboard use, but had to give it up and use the big eye on the ship unless we were in port.

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