Net Neutrality #internetslowdown

avatar-purpleToday, September 10th, I’m joining other concerned citizens across the country and around the world and highlighting Net Neutrality. Just by the fact you’re here reading my post shows having the freedom to go where you will online is important to you.

The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is taking public comments before they decide whether or not to go with a proposal that puts the internet in the hands of corporate telecommunications companies such as Comcast and Verizon.

monopolyWhy is that a bad thing?

There are several reasons but the largest is the internet is free now as it was conceived and designed to be. And it won’t be if the telecommunications corporations win.

My family has used the internet since the old America Online (AOL) hey days. When my kids come home for a visit, at some point they’ll surf the web, watch an online movie, or check email. If more than one of us is online at the same time, the internet crawls for everyone. We’re sharing the bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measurement — a term used to describe how much information can be transmitted over a connection. You’re using bandwidth right now just reading this post.

Now imagine all the available bandwidth is being used by subscribers paying whatever top dollar these telecommunications corporations deem is enough. You want to go to Facebook? Well, you must buy the plan that includes Facebook. Have email? Be sure to buy the package that includes email. Want to look something up on Google? You’ll need that package that allows general surfing. Insidious.

People not on the pay-for plan will get net-neutralitythe slower connection rife with time-outs, dropped signals, half-loaded pages, and limited access. Deal with that long enough and of course your resolve would crack. That’s the plan. You’ll opt in just to save your sanity.  Once their foot is in the door, we’ll be forced to buy and the internet will no longer be free. The way these telecommunications corporations lobby Washington, that day is probably closer than we realize.

I urge you to send your comment to the FCC. **Find links below They are taking opinions right now, but this opportunity is narrow. The following video, though couched in occasional irreverent humor, is a very real explanation of the issue on the table right now. However you get your information, I urge you to become informed. The internet was created for the world to have free access to information and a level opportunity for all. Add your voice that this marvelous achievement of cooperation not be stolen out from under our feet.

Click here to protect women’s and girls’ voices online

Contact your government. They represent you.
Tell them you support net neutrality

Contact the FCC directly (FCC Dockets 14-28 & 10-127)

Or…this is the easiest way to say something:

And more~


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4 Responses to Net Neutrality #internetslowdown

  1. mikey2ct says:

    I’ve signed petitions Effectot plus my Congressional representatives who back it.

  2. Jane Quinn says:

    Crap, I had no idea what Net Neutrality meant. I haven’t been paying attention. What a frigging awful plan. Let’s end this now!

    • I think they’re banking on people either not knowing or saying to themselves what’s a few dollars more? Censorship will follow. Senator Franken is right. This is a 1st Amendment issue.

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