The black sheep

emailI started my day today as I always do — waiting on brewing coffee and checking my email. Authors have so much email. An average morning has around 75+. I won’t even go in to what it looks like if I don’t check it throughout the day. After a vacation two years ago I had more than 1000 waiting on me.  The thing about checking my email is to get there I get to see the headlines page. This morning I saw this: Islamic State militants destroy one of Iraq’s most-revered shrines.

Maybe it’s my historic preservation background, or maybe it’s just my sense of right and wrong, but this stuff, like the bombing of the Bamiyan Buddhas, or the Nazi sacking of the Amber Room in the Russia’s Catherine Palace, is repugnant. Destroying the culture and history because they don’t fit your ideology just brings the whole world down.

mind-blown-412x372I try not to look, I really do. But a headline will catch my eye. (that elephant from a few weeks ago is burned into my heart) I rarely follow that headline. One sentence is often more than enough to make me feel hopeless. If you’re like me, you’re swimming up to your eyeballs in bad news because the media uses it like a cudgel on our sensibilities. From every angle, from every corner of the world, from under every rock it seems, they find bad news to share with us. It’s a barrage. What else can we possibly feel if not doomed? If you stop to think about this, really think about it, you’ll realize it’s over the top for a reason. You also might find yourself getting angry. I do.

Pure and simple –sensationalism sells. Sponsors pay money to news syndicates in the hopes their product will be seen or heard about.  If people are watching, they’re  getting a dose of products for sale along with their fear and anxiety. Yes, fear and anxiety. Bad news makes us fear and fearful people stay close to the news. When there’s bad news, people stay tuned to be sure something terrible isn’t headed their way. Staying close to the news keeps us close to sponsor product. I can’t express how insidious this is.

Herd Mentality

Not all that long ago, researchers discovered that foxit only takes a minority of just 5% to influence a crowd’s direction. That means the other 95% follow without realizing they are. FOX news has this flock tending down to a science. From the way they dress their female commentators to show bare arms and short skirts(even in January) to add a subliminal sexual undertone to sharpen the watcher’s focus, to the repetition of rhetoric and precision-placed talking points that read like taglines and slogans. Sex and slogans work.

What Boomer doesn’t know these logos 1products? “plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is” or “snap crackle pop” or “two-all-beef-patties-special sauce-lettuce-cheese-on a-sesame seed bun”?
Going further back, how about: “I’d rather fight than switch” or “you can trust your car to the man that wears a star”?
See it in the news: “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit” or the “Palling Around’ With Terrorists” or “Barack Hussein Obama” as if this middle name somehow tied the man to the dictator of Iraq.

I just realized I have a load of these things imbedded in my brain. There are so many I might do a series on slogans!

Here’s a humorous peek at how we’re bombarded with a single talking point. I had to reload it because youtube had it in a playlist and it ended up being a woman playing piano. Have a laugh, then imagine they’re talking bad news instead.

Herd mentality is a double-edged sword. The roots go back to cooperative hunting– to work together to ensure survival. Today, we’re well-fed and this natural inclination for community teamwork has been hijacked and corrupted. The 5% shout the bad news and the 95% eventually have their innate empathy and compassion sandblasted away. It breaks our moral compass. This is how we get extreme behaviors in society. This is how we get “us vs them” and that leads people to hate and becomes what drives them to find the scapegoat. This is how people gather to shout raging obscenities at frightened children at the US border. This is also how people come to stand passively by while others are led to gas chambers.

Free speech is a beloved gift in this world. In fact, I’m exercising it here. But the right to wag your fist ends at the other guy’s nose. If bad news has broken the moral compass that says enough is enough, then the fear rules and the hateful herd grows.

“Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.”
~Bertrand Russell (philosopher)

I would think the best way to combat bad news is to be sure good news gets talked about. I’ll leave you with some good news –LOTS of good news. Because it really is out there. Spread the word.


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Here’s a cliché for today:

Birds of a feather flock together


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4 Responses to The black sheep

  1. treknray says:

    Great blog. Destruction of cultural icons gets to me every time I hear of it. In Afghanistan there were some ancient statues on the side of a mountain that was destroyed by the Taliban years ago. It may even have been before the US got involved. Whenever I hear of destruction I remember that incident.

    Sometimes when people try to do good they screw things up. I watched a program last night about the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. In Herculaneum there were bodies that were burned up that had casts made of them by well meaning archeologists that actually did more damage than good. There is now technology that could have done forensics from what remained before the casts were made.

    There was another story about the myth of Atlantis that told about the eruption of Santorini Volcano on Thera. It not only destroyed the lives of those on Thera and the tsunami destroyed most of Minoan society on Crete. Not related to this blog, but with all the bad news these days it did a number even in Egypt. Bible scholars even believe the twelve plagues in Egypt were caused by the eruption.

    Your talk about the women of Fox News reminds me of a Pizza Hut driver I saw this morning as I was sitting in the car. She was wearing all black including a micro mini skirt with tights. What I was thinking is that she is going to get some good tips dressed like that.

    • Thanks Ray. Sometimes the emotion just has to vent. The destruction of those Bamiyan Buddhas by the Taliban was a crime against our collective world history. Ancient treasures should be exempt of zealous ideology. It’s worse than book burning.

      So true about how much potential for scientific study was lost by early archeology attempts. In some avenues of Asian medicine, dragon bones are pulverized and used as medicine. The dragon bones are fossils that could be anything…T Rex or early man. I hadn’t heard about the twelve plagues/Santorini connection. That’s worth an A to Z Challenge post!

  2. mikey2ct says:

    ISIS is against ALL organized religions and is destroying monuments , mosques, temples etc. Scary prospect.

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