I scream you scream

McHenry Riverwalk - Wirtz6My husband and I took a walk last night.  That crazy polar vortex has us experiencing cooler temperatures than normal for July so the night was quite pleasant.

We didn’t walk here, you’d be down a pint of blood or two if you did. Instead, we drove to a town where a boardwalk was built along a smaller river tributary. They obviously do mosquito abatement there. Poisoning bugs of all sorts is occurring in all the towns around where we live. I see the point. Mosquitoes are nasty vectors to some pretty terrible diseases. But the flip side is — those poisons don’t kill the mosquito and pass on the butterfly or bee. Unless the chemical is species specific, they all die. I can count the butterflies I’ve seen this summer on one hand, and frankly that scares me.

While visiting friends recently, we left our car windows down. The trucks came out to fog and not only did that poison get inside our car for our drive home, the parents in that neighborhood didn’t have enough sense to get their kids inside. Roughly 50 years ago my own parents didn’t have the sense to do that. My entire neighborhood of kids stayed outside when the trucks came to spray DDT for the Dutch elm disease deforesting the city in the 1960’s. I wonder how that will come back to bite us all in the butt one day. Perhaps it manifested as my array of auto immune issues. Blah…

Where was I going with this? lol Oh, yeah. We had gelato last night. Along the boardwalk were several cafes and curious shops. There’s a new gelato shop among them. If you don’t know, gelato is Italian for ice cream. (from the word gelare –to freeze and that’s from the Medieval Latin word gelātina)

Comparatively speaking, gelato is a creamier GelatoINT01version of the ice cream we’re all used to. I’ve heard both — gelato has less fat than ice cream, and more fat. I’ve had gelato before. Very nice. This was his first time and he was interested in knowing the differences because not only was it creamier, the portion we were served was a curl smaller than a golf ball and the price for it was rather high. It turns out it’s all about air. American ice cream has roughly 50% air stirred in. (In the land of downsize and bogus packaging, somehow that doesn’t surprise me) Gelato contains about half as much air. Now I know why homemade ice cream is richer tasting. The machine just stirs, it doesn’t increase volume by pumping in air. We both had pistachio. As rich as it was, we found it a perfect, albeit pricey, serving.

It’s National Ice Cream Month?

I was surprised to discover that this morning. Yes there is such an observance. In 1984, then President Ronald Reagan declared, with a presidential proclamation no less, that July would be the National Ice Cream Month. Here’s a little ice cream history.

greek-runner-small1I once read that the Roman emperor Nero had runners sent into the mountains to bring back ice for his table. He had a thing for iced fruit desserts.  The funniest thing came to mind when I read that — an old clip from the Three Stooges. I thought of it again this morning and laughed when I watched it. You know, you can find just about anything on youtube if you know how to search for it. This clip does pertain to ice cream if you plan to make your own.  You’ll need ice. Have a laugh on me.  😀


Here’s a recipe for 10 minute ice cream — no machinery required.

Ice cream fun facts.

To feel good about your ice cream choices there’s always Ben & Jerry’s. I prefer vanilla ice cream, plain ol’ vanilla, so Ben & Jerry’s array of flavors was never a huge draw for me.  However I do know people who reach for Ben & Jerry’s every time they buy ice cream. It may not be for me, but you gotta love this company’s fair trade practices and environmentally forward thinking. They even have a foundation that gives grants for grassroots efforts for social change.  Bravo Ben and Jerry. I just might buy some of your salted caramel ice cream. That’s the vanilla kind with a caramel ribbon.

Here are three versions of the origin of the ice cream sundae.
(As a former Chicagoan, I’d always believed it came from the neighboring village of Evanston Illinois)

Fun 😀


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2 Responses to I scream you scream

  1. treknray says:

    When my daughter (actually granddaughter) was born our bedroom was on the second floor with the garage overhanging below it. Her lungs were so sensitive that when someone walked by the house on the sidewalk she would have breathing spasms. The same would happen when we moved to our current address when the mosquito truck came by. We called the city to warn us of their schedule so we could go someplace until the were gone.

    I remember one Navy ship waiting to depart Naples harbor until we had received our supply of gelato by helicopter along with our last mail from that port. It seems the admiral did not want to go without his Italian ice cream. Ice cream in Greece is pretty much the same. Every time I was in the vicinity of an ice cream shop I had to have some as long as I was in the Mediterranean.

    • Asthma is a terrible thing. I’ve had a few bouts where I couldn’t draw a breath to use my inhaler. I hope she’s on some good medicine now.

      Several years ago my son and daughter backpacked across Europe. My daughter got terribly ill in Spain and worsened in Italy. She said gelato kept her alive.

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