Shooting for the moon

remembering_apollo_11_moon_mission_640_66Today I’m having a mostly Wordless Wednesday. Forty-five years ago today, the USA launched a Saturn V rocket and on the very tip sat the Apollo 11 crew: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. They were headed to the moon. There are many adjectives to describe the mission and those men in the astronaut program — extraordinary, genius, staggering, determined, hopeful, outrageous, and above all, incredibly brave. 

I remember the moon landing and moonwalk that took place five days later. We were listening to the details of the landing on a transistor radio at a picnic and I was  in the process of getting a terrible sunburn that would make me sick for several days. I remember the far away sound to the voice coming from newly staked out Tranquility Base. It said, “The eagle has landed.” The next day, that astronaut, Neil Armstrong, would take a walk and become the first human to set foot on the surface of the moon. They’d leave a flag and footprints behind. By far, this endeavor ranks as one of the greatest achievements of mankind.
Enjoy the memories.



100Things.logoFor 100 days, I’ll post something from my chosen topic: Clichés. There are 69 entries to come.

Here’s a cliché for today:

Shooting for the moon


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3 Responses to Shooting for the moon

  1. Ray G says:

    I remember that. Four years earlier I was in Titusville north of the lagoon that touches the space center. I went to the beach to swim at what was then Titusville Beach. There were signs saying that the area was being closed because of the Saturn V rocket. I thought they meant closed permanently, but what they did was turn the area into a secure area where it could be closed around the time of a launch. When I went back to the Cape in the nineties and again in 2002-03 I went to the beach that had been turned into Canaveral National Seashore under federal control, every weekend that there wasn’t a launch. The beach was closed from three days before a shuttle launch to a day after. Even when it was open cars were searched for weapons as a rifle could probably shoot across the lagoon at one particular narrow point.

    I did not realize back in 1964 that the closing of the beach was for testing of a space vehicle that would take mankind to the moon.

  2. mikey2ct says:

    Rose, is that you in ’69 holding the newspaper?

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