A new series ~ Rain Gods & Goddesses

rainIt’s an achy day today. That’s one thing that drives me crazy, living with rheumatoid arthritis like I do. There are days when my best laid plans simply don’t mesh with my physical reality. Sometimes low pressure systems move slowly as they pull the rain along. The bigger they are, the more they drag it seems. The more they drag, the more they bother the nerves in arthritic joints. When the barometric pressure drops immediately as the front moves in, joint pain tends to rise. Blah. The old dog and I will spend the day not moving much and feeling sorry for ourselves.Β  πŸ˜‰

This picture from yesterday’s news shows rare double or twin tornadoes that struck Nebraska. My heart goes out to those affected. I witnessed tornadosone of those once but the twin was small and tracked ahead of the larger one and teased the ground with the tip of its tail. It may not have been the monstrous or menacing twister seen in this image, but for a person with a decided tornado anxiety (like me) who was standing in the open with no place to take cover, just seeing two at once funneling down from the sky was more than enough.

Humans have been at the mercy of weather since day one. Thinking on this fact, a few weather deities come to mind. While this week of bad weather lasts or beyond if this topic is interesting enough, I’ll discuss the ancient gods and goddesses who were said to influence the weather.Β  I’ll begin with the Theoi Meteoroi of Ancient Greece — the weather gods.

The three Hecatoncheires were giants born among the first children fathered by Uranus the sky and born to Gaea the earth mother. And all of the first children had forms and faces only a mother could love. (Gaea later birthed the beautiful Titans.) Uranus thought his first children all hideous to look upon, so he forced the giant brothers and the rest back intoΒ Gaea’s womb. Of course this upset her greatly for she loved all of her children equally.

ZeusThe giant Hecatoncheires– Aegaeon, Cottus, and Gyges, each possessed 50-heads. They also had one hundred-arms apiece. (Their name actually means 100 hands.)

When Zeus overthrew his Titan father Cronus, he released the Hecatoncheires. They joined their nephew Zeus in battle and gained him victory over the Titans. The edge in the conflict no doubt came from the trio’s 100 arms flinging three hundred boulders at a time.Β 

After, Zeus had the Titans imprisoned behind the gates of Tartarus, and placed his giant uncles to guard them. From their post they influenced the weather, earthquakes, and roiling seas, and became the gods of violent storms.

Tomorrow ~ more!


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