Born under a prophecy

00628.Kamehameha-StatueHappy King Kamehameha Day.   🙂
If you’re not up on your Hawaiian royalty, King Kamehameha was the man who conquered the warring tribes and united the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1800’s. Because of this, Hawaii was able to stay an independent nation rather than be absorbed as a colony by any of the European powers that trolled the seas seeking to claim newly discovered land for king and country.

I recall reading how this Hawaiian king was born under a prophecy. Apparently several key signs occurred just prior to his birth…things like odd storms and strange lights in the sky (Halley’s comet). Because of the unusual signs and threats from warring tribes, the newborn was hidden away. Several versions of the King Kamehameha story have events playing out so he was eventually raised by an uncle who taught him all he needed to know to become a warrior king. There’s even a “sword in the stone” -type legend that said the man to move the Naha stone (a large immovable stone) would be the man to unite the Hawaiian islands. Kamehameha not only moved it, he flipped it over.

I found two videos to tell the tale. Enjoy!

That ancient Hawaiian form of martial arts is fascinating.



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5 Responses to Born under a prophecy

  1. Ray G says:

    I knew there was a legend about him, but not the way you told it. Thanks for your excellent research. I watch Hawaii 5-0 every week. I like the statue of the king in the show, also I always watch the opening scenes just to see the Arizona Memorial. On my last cruise before retiring I got to visit the Arizona Memorial and its visitor center. Next to it is the USS MISSOURI. In 1962, the year I joined the Navy the MISSOURI was in mothballs in Bremerton, Washington. My cousin took me on a tour of the shipyard. I stood on the Surrender Deck where the Japanese signed the surrender documents to end WW II. After recruit training I was stationed in Bremerton for two years. I saw the ship nearly every day after I left the shipyard. It was special to see it again in 2005 in Hawaii just before I went back to Virginia to retire. When I retired from the Navy in 1989 I never thought I would get the chance to see the ship again.

    • I’m glad you liked that post, Ray. I imagine visiting the Arizona Memorial was an emotional experience. It’s hard not to think of the poor men trapped in there with no help coming. I tear up easily. Lots of tears at Arlington for the changing of the guard.

  2. Fascinating how the story of this Hawaiian king is so similar to King Arthur’s story…

  3. One of my passions in younger years was to research the main stories of the major cultures and tie the common threads together… like the story of the Seven Sisters and the Pleiades, and the Rainbow Serpent. I’m too scattered these days, with too much on my plate. Maybe later when life takes on a slower pace and I can sit in a garden like yours.

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