A new satellite in orbit

I’ve temporarily cut back on blogging cleanfor my put-my-life-back-in-order spring cleaning — a project known far and wide as the Annual Purge. Today it’s regrouting tile, painting, and installing new bathroom fixtures.

Below find the 100 Things Challenge on extinct words. 

anniv2014I recently had an idea to make a chapter blog where full chapters are featured on a weekly basis. I started the project but things got busy and I didn’t have time to finish in one fell swoop. Well, knowing me like I do, I gave myself a deadline to complete it by signing that blog up for month-long The Romance Reviews’ Anniversary  party that started today. With my back intentionally to the wall, I finally got that chapter blog up and running yesterday afternoon amid the measuring and cutting of linoleum and walls that needed spackling.

To date, I have seven fiction novels in print. That’ll take me a few months to get through with my 1st and 2nd chapters only. I plan to host other author’s chapters in intervals to flesh out the year.I have a month to come up with marketing for it.

I have a lot of finished, and nearly finished, books hovering over my head. Five of these are from my Magnum Opus (scroll back to read about the MO), four of which are more than 100,000 words long, the fifth in the series a little less. In contrast, my illustrated children’s books have less than 100 words each. These eleven children’s books and the two youth historicals are waiting on me to decide if I’ll self publish or go traditional routes. I also have three unfinished romances, and a co-authored project with my son in the near future. I’ve determined I’ll have a few things published this year!

Here’s my newest haunt:


Another 100 Things Blogging Challenge! For 100 days, I’ll post something from my chosen topic: Words on the Verge of Extinction. There are 42 entries to come.

Here’s one for today:

Omniregency (noun 1616-1670)

universal rulership; state of complete authority


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all7books-smallLove Waits in Unexpected Places – Scorching Samplings of Unusual Love Stories

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Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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