The Tempest in the Teacup

Brrrrr…… Is it cold. The added wind chill here took an already cold night and knocked it down to -50. This morning’s climb to -30 is a heatwave by comparison. This farm house is so drafty, I’ve just set up the electric heater next to the bird cage. Check out this bubble of icy misery:
Gratitude fills me tcoldhis morning. We have fuel and food and a working well. My family isn’t living out of a car or shelter, we aren’t huddled under an underpass. My pets are warm and well fed. My family and friends and the animals they love and care for all live in the same state of grace. How fortunate we are.

washline MondayYesterday’s Wash Line Monday on Exquisite Quills was an incredible success. I sold a nice handful of The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo yesterday, and that was the snippet I featured. It just shows people like to *see* the books they read.

My friend offered to do an illustrated novel of that story. He’s a little too busy at this point in his life, but perhaps one day we will. Of all the stories I’ve written, that one would lend itself well to it. It’s a very visual novel. Click here if you’d like to see those details.


teaI’ve mentioned before that I was involved with living history for a long time. We started our odd interest in 1984 and raised our family in it. There was a point we were off doing living history events  across five states every weekend from April to October. Oh to have that stamina again!
Some of my fondest memories are of meeting up with living history lady friends, and the occasional gentleman, dressed in our colonial finery for afternoon tea. I’d set out my china and silver spoons and silver service, they’d bring fire-baked shortbread and cobbler, and dried fruits. Our antiques were the genuine article. You have to have antiques or fine reproductions to portray living history with any authenticity. The goal is always the suspension of disbelief.

At our gatherings we’d occasionally have a reader to entertain us with a passage from some old book or collection of poems. I always read the tea leaves in between refills. In other words, I divined our fortunes in the bottom of a china cup. 😀

Today and tomorrow’s portion of my symbol series is all about symbols being portents to some future occurrence. Things like luck charms.

Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, involves interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in the teacup (People also look for symbols in coffee grounds, and wine sediments in their goblets). Divination by scrutinizing sediment in the bottom of drinking vessels is an ancient practice that’s not limited to Gypsy fortunetellers. History has it popping up all over the world from Ancient Greece and all along the Silk Road, and across all of Europe.

tea2Why? For the same reason people read horoscopes. I suppose humans always want to know what’s around the bend. Will life get better or worse? Will they find love? Etc. I did it for fun, and still do on occasion if my friends ask or if I happen to think of it.  I have a small collection of vintage fortune-telling china teacups to make the mood.

When I hosted those costumed colonial teas back then, I used a special tea called
Lapsang souchong — the first black tea in history. But I know people who just cut open regular old black tea teabags and brew their tea as usual.  You need fine bits to form images in the dregs. l also have a very old book that I learned from. I did teas so often back then I used to be able to read without the book. As the old adage goes — if you don’t use it, you do lose it.  Still, it’s fun to do even with the book as a reference.

Here are two nice sites with pattern info if you’d like to give tasseography a try.

Tomorrow ~ More!


bee1I’m trying out a new meme today. The idea is to take a picture and write a 200-word teaser. What do you think?

Tantalizing Tuesday


Another 100 Things Blogging Challenge! For 100 days, I’ll post something from my chosen topic: Words on the Verge of Extinction. There are 72 entries to come.

Here’s one for today:

Maleolent (adjective 1657-1727)

having an ill odor

4 Us iconToday guest author Vicki Batman.

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8 Responses to The Tempest in the Teacup

  1. melissakeir says:

    You should really consider putting this together for authors and people who love symbols in writing.

    We’re in your bubble and I agree, we are all very blessed if we have a home with heat on these days.

  2. Nothing like serving tea on a cold, winter day!

  3. Sandy says:

    Enjoyed your blog today, Rose. Yes, we should be thankful for what we have.

  4. This is right up my alley. Combine fortune telling, hot tea and antique cups and I’m in heaven! Thanks, Rose!

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