Ha ha, Boreas. Joke’s on us.

I’m putting the topic of Name Meanings on hold for the weekend, but there’s still a lot going on. Over on my satellite blogs, I’m taking part in the mini weekend tag-along hops featuring snippets from my novels. Come see! If you have yet to read my unusual romances, you’ll find my trailers under the My Novels tab above. And there’s a link at the end of this blog that will take you to a download of first chapter samplings.

In the meantime…what about that weather? By me, a polar vortex early in the week and weather in the mid-30’s and rain all this weekend. It started last night and the ground is frozen. There’s nothing for that water to do but flood. I haven’t been following weather world-wide, but here in the states, the weather has been particularly insane. The other night, wind-chilled temperatures in my area dropped to -48°. That’s 48 degrees below zero. I think that equates to -40 Celsius. Crazy stuff, that. It’s far from over too.
When will the polar vortex return?

Anyway…My house may have only one north facing window for heat efficiency, but it’s still a drafty old barn. That doesn’t bother me, though. I like cold. I could sleep naked on an ice floe and be just fine. Before I met my husband I slept with the window wide open all winter long. Back then, my bedroom was cold enough to have frost on the doorknob come morning.  I roast, he needs warmth. I married a lizard.

A few nights ago, I was at the kitchen sink thinking. In all the years we’ve lived here, I’ve never been physically uncomfortable washing dishing on a cold night. There I was, standing in front of this northern window, rushing through the task at hand because that cold, hard, north -48° wind was hammering the north side of my house and seriously making me painfully cold. I’m never cold! But I was that night. In fact, I would have been warmer standing inside my 0° freezer! Boreas, the cold north wind, isn’t called the Devouring One for nothing.

hoodieI have two dogs. The old chocolate lab does ok in the cold with her thick black coat (She’s actually a black lab. Chocolate is her vice) The little dog wears a hoodie. Yes, a hoodie. It makes her look like the tough, mouse-chomping, squirrel chasing, FedEx hater she is. So, the dogs were wanting to go outside and I had no choice but to let them. I dried my hands and touched the doorknob. My damp skin stuck to the doorknob on the inside of the house! I was surprised and stayed stuck until the overall warmth of my hand set me free a second later.  Now that’s cold — the coldest weather ever experienced in the half-plus century of my life. Were I not the armchair activist I am, I might be wondering why.

A friend sent me this explanation for the crazy weather. Something is definitely wrong, and we need to get in line and take the facts seriously or we’re going to be up that creek without a paddle. Or worse, the creek will either be dried up or permanently frozen over. This weather explanation is a very good alternative to a punch in the nose for the next person who tells you “global warming isn’t real because it’s cold outside”. Not as satisfying, but more polite.

Thanks Mike.  🙂

Solar physicists say the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity. Translated for the layman, this could mean that the Earth is headed for a mini Ice Age. It’s happened before, and not all that long ago.

Read about the Frost Fairs during the last Mini Ice Age.


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Affictitious (adjective from 1656)

feigned, counterfeit

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7 Responses to Ha ha, Boreas. Joke’s on us.

  1. melissakeir says:

    You must live by me because I had the same weather! It was brutal and no one wanted to go outside. One of my dogs went out and in about 10 seconds laid down on the ground and couldn’t walk. Her poor pads.

    Lucky for us, we have a newer home that was designed to look like an older home. During the day, we had the gas fireplace on and stayed toasty warm. Unfortunately, we were stuck in the house for so long, we went a little stir crazy! 🙂

    • I’ve picked the little dog up and carried her back to the house several times because she just couldn’t walk. It happened to the big dog too, poor thing. This winter has been very hard on her.

  2. Sandy says:

    LOL I had to laugh when you called your hubby a lizard. You know the old saying, opposites attract. It’s true! I’m the cold-blooded one in our family, but as my hubby ages he’s starting to feel the cold, too. We’ve had the terrible temps here, too.

    Thank you for all the information you had on your blog today. Really, it was very interesting.

    • You’re welcome, Sandy. Way back when, when my hubby was going for his degree, he’d come home late at at after the hour+ drive in a car with a weak heater and a hole in the floor. He’d put that ice-cold body next to mine and thaw. Heaven.

  3. Marianne Stephens says:

    Frost Fairs? Something new to me. Sounds like you got very cold inside your home. I don’t mind the cold as long as I can bundle up and be warm inside my house!

  4. This line made me laugh out loud: I could sleep naked on an ice floe and be just fine. You are a real character! When is that line likely to find its way into one of your novels?

    I’ve always been in love with the winds… Boreas is a heavy weight. I love Aeolus…

    Stay warm, Rose. It’s usually hard to get me to feel cold but this season I’ve been frozen several times. Think I’m losing my frost queen edge…

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