Women Can Save the World ~ a story enabler

change.worldI came across an article on the Huffinton Post entitled How Women Can Save the World by Telling Epic Stories in the Movies  and it set me to thinking. The next few posts will follow that theme.

Today I’m discussing a woman who was not so much as a storyteller as a story enabler —
Queen Elizabeth I

bessConsidered the greatest monarch in English history, Elizabeth Tudor assumed the role as Queen of England in 1558. She was just twenty-five years old at the time, and only the third queen to rule. (Lady Jane Grey (Henry’s niece) and half-sister Mary I (Henry’s legitimate heir) both ruled poorly for a short time. And to give you some idea just how poorly, Lady Jane was beheaded by Mary and Mary went on to earn the nickname Bloody Mary.) Her sister’s fanaticism aside, Elizabeth’s father, King Henry VIII’s, scandalous second marriage that resulted in her birth meant most Europeans considered her illegitimate. From the get-go, her monarchy was an uphill climb. Even her supporters believed her position dangerous and uncertain.

Well-read and intelligent, when Elizabeth came to power, she inherited a bankrupt nation, weak compared to the great powers of France and Spain, and torn in two by religious conflict. Her counselors advised her to marry quickly so her husband could guide her rule. Elizabeth had other ideas. A married woman deferred to her husband. She was committed to English peace and stability but never married to gain it. Predictably, Elizabeth’s unmarried status inspired many women to remain unwed.

She ruled alone for nearly half a century and did a fine job for all accounts. Her reign is known as the Elizabethan era and is considered by many to be a glorious epoch in world history – the pinnacle of the English Renaissance. England may have come late to the European Renaissance sweeping the  mainland, but in her reign poetry, music and literature flourished. The era is most famous for theater and Elizabeth shared her love of the arts. The stages of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe brought the world to the common man.

Tomorrow ~ more.


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  1. mikey2ct says:

    Must have been a tough row-to-hoe when she first took the throne, eh?

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