Women Can Save the World ~ Hypatia

change.worldI recently read an article on the Huffinton Post entitled How Women Can Save the World by Telling Epic Stories in the Movies.

Occasionally topics like this will get me thinking in a cascade…about how media plays a role in society, and not always a good one…about history’s greatest female minds and the important roles played and contributions they’ve made…about women as teachers and storytellers in general. So for the next several posts, I’m going to look at all aspects of women saving the world one mind at a time.


Taking a cue from that article, today I’ll discuss the female polymath. Here’s the definition:


“Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.”

polymath –
a person of great and varied learning

To my mind, no woman personifies polymath better than Hypatia of Alexandria. Ancient Greece boasted more than 300 listed mathematicians, men and women. Most were connected with the Pythagorean School which leaned heavily on the development of mathematics and how it applied to music and astronomy. Among this ancient brain trust — Hypatia of Alexandria, a polymath in the truest sense.

Hypatia was the daughter of Theon of Alexandria, a noted mathematician and philosopher. Undoubtedly raised on his field of expertise, she went further with her own studies. One of the things she’s known for was  conceptualizing hyperbolas, parabolas, and ellipses and making them easier to understand. Her work had a profound impact on the future study of mathematics.

However, her genius wasn’t to last. She was more than a female scholar. Hypatia, and what she stood for, incomprehensibly  threatened a growing power.

Can you imagine if the Library at Alexandria had never been destroyed and Hypatia continued on in her studies and teaching? The loss is astounding. It staggers the mind how different our world would be right now. In comparison, imagine the last 700 years of human knowledge and discovery from 1300 on to today wiped from the earth.

Tomorrow ~ more.


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