Puns ~ why do we remember these things??

punSo yesterday’s Abet and Aid Punsters Day got me thinking about word play. Specifically the pun. A pun is a use of words or phrases to exploit ambiguities and innuendos in their meaning, usually for humorous effect. Once held in high regard, the pun has slipped to the realm of one-liners printed on bubblegum wrappers and Popsicle sticks.

For today, I’m taking another look at the One-Word Pun. One-word puns all need some kind of context to create the play on words. Usually one simple word that sounds like a different word or has another meaning does the trick (bear vs. bear or gnu vs. knew). These are called homophonic or homographic puns. Here are two homographic puns for the day.

“Corduroy pillows are making headlines.”

“Did you hear about the optometrist who fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself?”

That last one was told to me many years ago by an elderly friend named George. Every time I saw him he had some corny pun to share. He saved the bawdier jokes for my husband. I think he got a kick out of people’s pained expressions and groans. George was a paratrooper in WWII who was captured and held prisoner in a German prisoner of war camp. He’d been dropped in Holland on a strategic maneuver to secure the bridges and ended up on what would be called “the Bridge Too Far”. 

(Here’s an explanation of the story. It’s told in computer speech so you’ll notice some of the words sound a little odd. She begins saying W – a,r- e when it should be said World War Two. http://youtu.be/zP7DYPdi4Lg)

I picture these imprisoned soldiers in their wooden barracks, their every move watched over by armed guards, and imagine George collecting jokes and puns to while away the months. George is gone now, but his puns remain. And this morning my husband and I remember George’s puns and George’s life. I’ll end for today with another one of his ~

“Did you hear the Energizer Bunny got arrested? He was charged with battery.”

George I’ll never forget, but after 18 years I can’t believe I’m remembering his puns!!


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