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EQ coverToday’s the day! That idea I had a few months ago has become a reality. We created a Holiday Anthology with members of the Exquisite Quills yahoo group – the companion reader/writer community to my Exquisite Quills authors’ group. What a fine bunch of people to work with. We have wonderfully imaginative holiday stories, a crew of talented editors, a fantastic cover artist (as you can see), and a seasoned formatter, all working together on our first free offering.

There are many styles among us. The group and community are composed of authors who write the full spectrum of romance from sweet to scorching, as well as suspense, mystery, and light horror. Though we had to pick and chose the short stories we took in this time around (consensus voted for happy holiday tales), all submissions were fine examples of imaginative and creative minds. It’s been a privilege to read them all. In my opinion several have such interesting concepts, they would make fantastic full-length novels.

The Exquisite Quills Holiday Anthology Vol.One is a freebie suitable for all readers — a sampling of the many styles among us with links to books and websites should readers want more. The download is available in a wide range of formats PDF and plain text, to ePub for Kindle, ipad, Nook, palm readers etc. For now it’s on the self-publishing site Smashwords.

Come get your copy and please spread the word!

My lovely repeat readers know by now my stories are filled with subtle symbols, layers, and metaphor. As my bio says, these hidden insights are gifts to my readers. I love tucking them here and there and it’s my hope they bring a smile when they’re discovered. My Holiday Anthology offering is no different. Someone wrote to tell me she caught my nuance in Star of Wonder. Because I’m such an odd duck, a proverbial square peg that has never fit into any shaped hole, it really makes me happy when someone “gets me”.  Perhaps that’s why I play around with symbols, layers, and metaphor — I’m searching for kindred souls!  😀

Star of Wonder has some unique facts laced into the telling. I’ve always been a story collector. In fact, I’ve been collecting them my entire life. When I hear a recounting of growing up during the Great Depression, Freedom Rides, or stories of farm life back in the day, I squirrel them away as the tasty nuggets they are. I simply love factual detail. This is why readers will find my stories believable regardless of the fancy woven among the fact. As an author, my goal is to suspend a reader’s disbelief.

The Star of Wonder tells the tale of 1936 when Rural Electrification comes to a farm house at pw-treeChristmas time. It’s based upon an actual childhood memory of someone who once lived on the old farmstead next door to me. The family Christmas tree was the first thing lit and “it was magical”. How could I not write that into a story? I hope you enjoy.

If you discover my hidden meanings in Star of Wonder (or any of my novels), do drop me a comment here. I’d love to get to know you, you square peg, you.  😉


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100 Things Blogging Challenge!
For 100 days,
I’m posting a little something from my
002x846qchosen topic of Words & Quotes of Love. There are 35 entries to come. Here’s one for today:

“Live through feeling and you will live through love. For feeling is the language of the soul, and feeling is truth.”

~ Matt Zotti


rb4u Author Tina Donahue’s blog day

We have new author pages up and a new November contest with one-winner-takes-all prizes. Something about cute turkeys….


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