Satire ~ Diminution & Inflation

satireI’m wrapping up my exposé on satire today with Diminution and Inflation. There are more subcategories of satire, many more actually. But some are so slightly nuanced, I read them as shades of what I’ve already discussed.

I chose to put these last two examples side by side because it just made sense. Though they both shine a light on the absurdity of whatever topic is being examined, it’s all about scope — one enlarges and one reduces.
Because I’m a person who likes examples of things, I’ve found two videos. Believe me, with these chosen comedians, it wasn’t easy to find clips with language clean enough to keep WordPress from shutting down my blog over decency issues!

Diminution: Reduces the size of something in order to make it appear ridiculous or that it be examined closely and have its faults seen close up. Honestly, no one today does this better than Jon Stewart, in my opinion.

Inflation: A common delivery of satire is to exaggerate real-life situations to such a degree that they become ridiculous and flaws and faults are highlighted. Stephen Colbert is a master at this. (I can’t get this non-youtube video to load so here’s the link)—neil-cavuto

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Satire. Tomorrow: Humpday posts and a new topic.  😀



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