To everything there is a season

1Remember a few months ago how I complained about mosquitoes as the pest of the summer season? Well, I’ve entered the winter season early. In the last week, the cold weather has driven the country mice indoors, and I’m not talking their indoors, I mean MY indoors.
We have two kinds here — large sable deer mice and gray little house mice. I like mice. Outside. How can you not like them with their plump little bodies and their bright little eyes and cute whiskers? That’s my view of them in their habitat. But when they enter my habitat…well, let’s just say my opinion changes.
Studies show mice travel miles to get back home. Capturing them live and releasing outside has them scurrying back indoors the instant their feet touch the ground. We’ll search out holes around pipes and stuff them with steel wool again.

I’ve good cause to hate mice in my farm house. 2They chew on everything, they raid my pantry, leave their foul messes, and steal birdseed from my cockatiels. My husband has this weird flashlight-type thing with LED lights that spin. Would you believe the mouse or mice have taken all but one bulb off that flashlight? Why?? Are they Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca from Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Two Bad Mice? Are they part of the Teenie Weenies world from the old Sunday comics? Do they supply the Borrowers? Or are they relatives of Stewart Little? What the heck do mice do with LED lights??

That’s it. We’ve waged war this week. It’s a sad business but there’s nothing else we can do. It makes me long for a cat but we have allergies here. The dogs like to think they’re on the problem, but no. They’re freeloaders but don’t like to admit it.


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4 Responses to To everything there is a season

  1. Randi says:

    Sometimes I think our farm house on the prairie is just a boarding house for mice – and we do have a cat. I think she looks at them as playmates. Those LEDBulbs? Maybe they’ve read loving Leonardo and have fun things in mind…..I love this post rose!

  2. mikey2ct says:

    It’s a shame about the allergies. They create so many problems for you.

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