Satire ~ Ironic Juxtaposition

satireIf you’ve been to my blog over the past few days, you’ve been reading about Satire.  This human expression of absurdity is considered an art form. Literature and drama are the main vehicles that get the message across, but we also see it in cartoons, caricatures, and comedy. Digging deeper into satire has uncovered many shades of nuance to it.  Today I’m examining juxtaposition — specifically ironic juxtaposition.

It wasn’t easy but I managed to find a written example of ironic juxtaposition if a guy says his important subjects in school are Calculus, Computer Science, Physics, and girl-watching, he’s removed some of the importance of the first three by listing the last.

We mainly recognize this form of satire when we actually see conflicting things set side by side. You’ll find it in cartoons such as Gary Larson’s Far Side. He often presents bizarre visuals like hippos wearing tap shoes, or ducks walking in a V formation rather than fly.

Here are a few ironic juxtaposition gems from around the web:
juxt1 juxt4 juxt3 juxt2

Tomorrow in satire ~ burlesque!


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