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satireWho knew Satire was such a vast human expression? I’ve been breaking it down by nuance and showing examples. Today I’m examining sarcasm in satire. There’s a LOT of it! Interesting to note: the root of the word sarcasm actually means “to strip off the flesh”. No kidding! Sarcasm is considered a form of irony. To learn more about irony and the many facets of satire, scroll down to my previous posts.

Who could forget this gem from Groucho Marx?
“I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception.”

Groucho had several hilarious movies and he was also known for his witty sarcasm. I think the greatest example of sarcastic satire is the Roast where the guest of honor is served dinner and teasing insults. I found two great examples of the Roast, one older and one from two years ago. The first is a clip of Groucho Marx at a roast for Johnny Carson.

In the next Ricky Gervais opens the 2011 Golden Globes
with an dash of British sarcasm.

Since I’ve uncovered more shades than I originally thought existed, I’m stretching satire out just a bit longer. Tomorrow in satire ~ juxtaposition.


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