Sneak Peek Sunday!

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Today I’m offering another 6 paragraphs from my newest Enchanted Skye.
Available now in ebook and paperback.

Setting the Stage:
After an awkward and scotched-blurred night trapped in his bedroom, Jenna and Alex share a cup of tea while she waits for her car and the strain between them grows. Alex suddenly finds himself with insight and attempts to ease her mind.

The Peek:

That odd sensation settled in Alex’s chest again as if his heart had an extra beat. Though his back was to her, with his Selkie perception, he could feel Jenna’s eyes upon him. He tried to make small talk but she wasn’t saying more than a word or two at a time. It was obvious she wanted to get hell and away from him. Alone in the kitchen with no other person to move conversation along, the strain grew. It was all he could do to keep the glamor down. As soon as he felt it, he forced the survival instinct inside him where it belonged.

Struck suddenly by a rather sexually appraising thought projected from her mind, he nearly dropped the cup. This isn’t possible. Surely his want for her was playing tricks on him. Only his kind could communicate this way and Jenna MacLeod was no Selkie. Transformed Selkies had no voice by human standards, but they could speak to one another telepathically in both forms. The thought stopped him. Could she have Selkie or Roan blood? Uncle Angus was perceptive, but in all his life, his adopted uncle never gave any indication of telepathy. From the depths of memory, he recalled hearing there was Roan blood several generations back in the MacLeods. Had she this gift?

He opened his mind to hers. Yes, she was remembering last night, specifically watching him undress. She liked what she’d seen. The fact left him feeling prickly all over, as if each hair on his body were tense with excitement. When he turned to set the table, she’d already looked away. He focused his thoughts to her. Please Jenna, look at me. Talk to me.

Her eyes met his then went back to her cup. Out of the awkward silence, his heightened intuition brought a sudden insight. Jenna worried that something happened between them in her inebriated state. Ye don’t remember, do ye, love? He said, “Nothing happened, ye know.”

Her startled eyes rose to his again. The foggy part of her brain held intimate images of kissing him and more, as well as a recollection of wanting badly for him to make love to her. She let out a slow breath as her piecemeal memories stacked up beside his words.

Her look of relief made him slightly queasy. His earlier suspicion appeared to prove out — Jenna MacLeod only wanted him because she was under the influence of strong spirits. She wouldn’t have otherwise. Heart aching with the implication, he repeated, “Nothing happened between us. Ye only drank too much scotch, passed out, and I put ye to bed.”

Here’s the story

Great read with one of Rose Anderson’s famous surprise twist endings.
~A Reader


100 Things Blogging Challenge002x846q!
For 100 days,
I’m posting a little something from my chosen topic of Words & Quotes of Love. There are 64 entries to come. Here’s one for today:

“Kiss me and you will see stars. Love me, and I will give them to you.”

~ Anonymous


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