Think About it Thursday!

gearsAnother week and another Think About it Thursday!
I’d like to see this concept eventually become a mini blog hop where the pondering is done on linked blogs and shared with any interested person stopping by. I haven’t yet figured how to go about doing that. I’ve done a lot of hops and they mostly use the set-up called Linky. That’ll take some studying on my part. I have a few author friends who use Linky. I may ask them how they did it for expedience’s sake and because there are days when, as much as I’d wish it otherwise, I over-think things like this and the simple how-to’s fly over my head.

For now, I’m just tossing the quote out there in my yahoo groups to encourage conversation. Here’s this weeks words to ponder:

The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really observing the effects of the stone upon himself.
~Bertrand Russell

Isn’t that the case? You can look at something, say a beautiful sunrise. You observe it, yes, but in actuality, there is more at play than meets the eye. In the act of observing you’re reacting. You’re noting how the sunrise captures your attention or inspires your appreciation or emotion. When I read this quote for the first time, my novel Loving Leonardo came to mind.

After half-listening to the mid-day news last summer, an idea for a story instantly materialized. I rarely watch TV, so generally pay it little mind. Strange but true, I actually leave it on for my daughter’s dog whom I dog sit for — a regular little couch-potato, that pup. Anyway, that day’s news was all about politics, specifically progressives and women’s issues. Suddenly Elenora Schwaab, Victorian suffragette, sprang fully formed from my head like Athena sprang from Zeus.

After a friend’s recent success with her novel, I decided to follow a writing trend to gauge it for myself. I jotted down the first few paragraphs with both hands upon the steering wheel. I could see where and when, whom and why, then something happened. It soon became clear I’d written a social statement. What’s more, it wrote itself. (I did mention in yesterday’s post that I am a woman of opinion) This story actually changed me inside. It’s not that the beliefs weren’t mine to begin with, that the heart knows no boundaries. I really believe you don’t pick who you fall in love with. Love happens to you. The story deepened my conviction that this is so.

Have you written a novel or created another work of art and found yourself altered by it?


100 Things Blogging Challenge002x846q!
For 100 days,
I’m posting a little something from my chosen topic of Words & Quotes of Love. There are 67 entries to come! Here’s a poem-quote for today:

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height. My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight. For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.”

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning


guest author Karen Rose Smith’s interview.
And over on the RB4U website find those blinking ghosts and win all sorts of prizes!

Tomorrow I have my blog day on the RB4U

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quillsSomething new on my group blog. Thursdays are all about the Genesis of a Story. Today’s guest is Tony-Paul de Vissage and he’s talking about the spark that got him writing Shadow Lord. Very interesting!


I’m getting ready for October blog hops. My year of testing the hop trend is coming to a close. I’ll post my findings at the end of the year.


freebieThe FREE October issue of Hidden Desires Magazine is out now.



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