If it ain’t broke…


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

I have a peeve. The phrase If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is often attributed to someone in President Jimmy Carter’s administration. I forget the guy’s name. It means exactly what is says. This peeve of mine has to do with this very thing. Computer moguls rush to get the latest versions out there in a backdoor form of planned obsolescence.  Tell me what WindowsVista and Windows7 has ever had over the near perfect WindowsXP. I felt the same about all the Windows iterations after Windows98…that is until XP came out.

Back in the old days, those wonderful WindowsXP days, pc owners knew what was what on their computers. You could find things. You had control. You could pick and choose what you wanted updated. My not-that-old laptop sports the Windows7 operating system.  Bah! Every once in a while I’ll power down the laptop and get the message that I can’t shut down, my updates are in progress. Arghh.. that means I wait, and wait, and wait. I have to. With my variable electricity here on my hill at the very the end of the electric line, I don’t dare go to bed without unplugging my computer. It’s absolutely necessary. I can’t tell you how many electronics and appliances of all sizes I’ve replaced through the years, including several $100 surge protectors that get reduced to pricey powerstrips with one good surge.

Once a transformer blew at the end of my road and the surge hit the house. It made such a noise I thought a car had slammed into the house! That was only part of it. My house filled with white smoky ozone and I ran from room to room sniffing wall outlets trying to determine if I had a fire in the walls. Scarey. Luckily no fire, but we lost 2/3 of our electronics — TV, 2 computers, refrigerator, microwave, every clock, DVD player, and more.  What didn’t die outright that day, died slowly over the next two months. This included a lot of $18 each (at the time) energy-efficient light bulbs. Lightning striking nearby has also taken a toll through the years. Our insurance man once asked if we were selling goods on the side, they’d replaced so many damaged things. I think he was joking. lol

So, like anyone fed up with variable power from an electric company I pay monthly, I called after the big event. I was told they do pay out for liability, but they do not pay for storm damage. I said the sky was blue when the transformer blew up and we hadn’t had rain in a month. She said it was an “act of god”. I said “what??” She said, “a storm had damaged the lines months ago.” I said, “well isn’t that convenient when acts of god stretch on indefinitely? Do you ever pay for a customer’s damage, or is all of it considered divine acts?” She didn’t answer and I didn’t go further. No point in killing the messenger.

I started my post with I have a peeve. It appears I actually have several!

Anyway, like I mentioned above, my laptop sports the Windows7 operating system and it does its own updates.  Now I suppose the “off switch” is here somewhere but I can’t find it. Last night’s unwanted updates did something they have never done before. They got rid of ALL of my documents. Every. Single. One. Can you imagine an author discovering that? Of course I back up major files by sending to the cloud, but lesser, but no less important, files were inaccessible to me. I felt like I’d just been kicked in the head.

In misery, I went to bed sniffling in my hopelessness and told my sleepy husband about it. He was only half awake but assured me we’d fix it somehow. I couldn’t see how. To me this was a work disaster. I know about work disasters. After all, I have years of stories I’ve written, unfinished projects, and pictures I love, trapped in a dead terabyte drive. So this morning, he found the system restore and we reverted my computer to the day before yesterday. My files are back. My Microsoft Office 2010 has issues. Until someone who knows more than I can assess, it looks like I’ll have to replace it. I dislike dealing with Microsoft and their high-priced single-user software. We have 5 computers in my home — 4 laptops and a desktop. If I buy software, I should be able to install on each one.  😦   Ugh. One more peeve to the peeve pile.


On to happier news…
I’ve completed my Enchanted Skye book trailer. It played fine on my laptop yesterday, but I see a glitch at the very end when it plays on youtube. I’ve advertised with it this week so no fixing and replacing until next week. What do you think?

0a4a0-bee1My Selkie adventure Enchanted Skye is new this week. Amazon has a Look Inside feature. Come read the legend that inspired this story.

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3. intensely bright; brilliant.
4. brilliant; masterly; extraordinarily lucid.
5. aglow with ardor, purpose, etc.


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