Sneak Peek Sunday! & More…

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Today I’m offering another 6 paragraphs from my newest Enchanted Skye.
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Enchanted Skye

Fulfilling the dear old woman’s last wishes to return home to the Isle of Skye, Jenna comes to the lighthouse to scatter her grandmother’s ashes. The reverend suggests she put on something warm before they go outside. Her Uncle Angus shares an old family story.

The Peek:

Seeing no need to insist she’d be fine, she said, “Thank you, Uncle. Nana always talked about home as a warm summery place. That was the image I packed for, I’m afraid.”

Angus chuckled. “Aye, well my father used to say it was our Roan blood that makes us pay the cold little mind.”

Jenna shook her head. “Roan? I don’t know what that is.”

He pointed in the direction of the seals on the rocks. “Like those beasties out there. Roans of Ireland share the rocks with the Selkies and the seals. Roans are smaller they say, but just like Selkies, can doff their skins, ye see, and walk the land as men and women.”

Reverend Osmond laughed. “Angus MacLeod, you’ll give the lass nightmares!”

Angus gave her a wizened grin. “It’s said my great-grandmother seven times back was such a woman of the sea. This is why the family stayed on the coast like it has and why Mary Margaret wished to return to it.” He winked at her. “Jenna willna have bad dreams, Reverend. The sea’s in her blood.”


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100 Things Blogging Challenge

For 100 days, I’ll post a little something from my chosen topic of Words & Quotes of Love. There are 92 more entries to come! Here’s one for today: 002x846q

1. animated
2. vivacious
3. effervescent
4. witty; brilliantly clever


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