Memes Also Bring Smiles

More on memes. I stumbled into the world of memes by accident. I planned on making 904bookplates as Christmas gifts for my kids and so went looking for pictures that meshed well with their personalities. That’s when I encountered Philosoraptor. Philosoraptor is a velociraptor who ponders life’s tough questions. My mind is such, I find these things hysterical. Not the words themselves, though they bring a smile, rather the fact the dinosaur ponders them. lol Yes I have a wry sense of humor.

My husband and I are always on the lookout for interesting things the other person might enjoy. One Friday he came home from work and told me I should to go on youtube to find a certain video he’d heard about that day — a new meme — Goats Yelling Like Humans. (you might turn your volume down) My farm experience says, yep, they really do sound like this.

Aren’t memes fun?  🙂


New To Do: 100 Things Blogging Challenge

For 100 days, 002x846qI’ll post a little something from my chosen topic of Words & Quotes of Love. There are 95 more entries to come! Here’s one for today:

Mesmerize ~
1. to hypnotize.
2. to spellbind; fascinate.
3. to compel by fascination.


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