Sneak Peek Sunday!

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Today I’m offering 6 paragraphs from my unusual, soon-to-be released New Adult love story –  Enchanted Skye

Enchanted SkyeBlurb:
Alexander MacCodrum belongs to a race of shape-shifting sea creatures living on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. When Jenna MacLeod unknowingly adds seven tears to the salt of the sea, she accidentally unleashes an ancient charm that catches the transformed Selkie unawares. Under this binding spell, Alex must win Jenna’s heart, or the pain of unrequited love will drive him to take his own life. Unfortunately for Alex, Jenna hasn’t come to Skye looking for love and it will take the force of a hurricane to bring them together. But worse, Jenna’s violent ex-boyfriend has found her at last and Carl has made it perfectly clear – if he can’t have her, no one can.

The Peek:

Emotionally drained from her grandmother’s funeral and physically exhausted from walking to the Scottish inn in the icy rain after her car breaks down, Jenna wanted nothing more than a hot bath, a hot meal, and a bed. Impatient for all three, her situation quickly degrades into a comedy of errors and she finds herself locked in a room with a stranger. In this scene, she’s called for help. She has no idea the voices on the other side of the door are Alex’s brothers and believes Alex is just an obnoxious guest.

A surprised male voice came from the other side. “How can I help ye?”

Jenna called through the doorjamb, “Please get the owner. Please go and get Beatrix MacCodrum. I’m stuck in here!” There were two men in the hall now and both were chuckling. “This isn’t funny! Please bring the owner, bring Bea!” The laughter deepened and was followed by indistinct conversation. “Oh! They’re laughing!” Furious, she turned to the smiling man behind her. “The rude…they’re no doubt friends of yours.”

He raised a brow at her. “Love, it was you who came into my room and helped yourself to my shirt. And it was you who broke my door, and you who are currently giving me hell for your mistake. Perhaps you’re confused about what constitutes ill manners.”

Her lips pressed together in an angry line. Turning back to the door, she pounded some more.

Alex stared dumbly, not sure what to do. That odd feeling had intensified now that he’d actually touched her. For all her spit and fire, Jenna MacLeod was certainly a lovely creature. In fact, spit and fire added to her beauty. She’d be even more furious had she realized the flannel shirt didn’t cover her cute bum.

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