Hump Day Happenings

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I’m still slogging through health issues…nothing like seasonal allergies to kick you when you’re down. They add that extra little je ne sais qua to my already compromised lungs. bleh. It all has to end eventually. Or I will!

Needing to get back on track, I took a break from the mini hops, put my runny nose to the grindstone, and no excuses finally got that 2 1/2 year book done. I literally rewrote it.  It’s off to my editor now and I’m hoping when it comes back, it does so with few issues. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ve since moved on to my last tale before tackling my magnum opus.  Enchanted Skye really is a charming story. No pun intended.

I hired the talented Su Halfwerk for the new cover. She made an amazing cover for another author I know and I wanted this one to appeal to a younger reader. I’m offering Enchanted Skye in the new genre of New Adult. Here’s the paperback cover flattened out. I think it’s cute.

Enchanted Skye Final


91cb7-bee1So what’s up this week? Well today over on my satellite blog I’m back in the #Hump Day Hook and offering a tidbit from Enchanted Skye. Come see.

Over on my other satellite blog, I’m offering my trailers for the Silken Sheets Summer Seduction Blog Hop. There are prizes too.

And…on my other satellite blog I’m participating in the Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop. I put my post up a day early so if you’d like to see the other participants, do return tomorrow and follow my link. We have prizes in this hop too. Following theme requirements, I’m blogging about what exactly makes a hero a hottie in my opinion. I think I’ll surprise you.

And that’s why I have multiple blogs!

I’m also participating in the TRS End of Summer Bash over at The Romance Studio.

4 Us iconJoin me today at
Romance Books ‘4’ Us

It’s author Marianne Stephens’ blog day.

And over on the RB4U website the August contest is going on.

Nice prizes this month too. Come find the blinking suns for your chance to win!


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2 Responses to Hump Day Happenings

  1. mikey2ct says:

    Congrats on Skye. I was just yesterday “new adult.’ I am getting newsletters and reading ad for this niche genre. It is already confusing reading book descriptions. There is YA, +17, +18, and now new adult. Is the top rung still adult? I think if I do decide to blog, I’m going to name it “Old Adult.”LOL

    I have been worried about you. I think it is evident to all of your friends out here that you are not yourself.

  2. Thanks Mike. I just can’t shake the pneumonia. My lungs no longer hurt, but I’m still coughing and rattling. I’ve finally finished all the meds, so now back to the doctor to get a stronger asthma medicine I guess. I really dislike leaning on medicine.

    lol the “Old Adult blog”. That’s cute. 🙂 Yes, the New Adult is geared for the 18 – 24 year-old reader. Unbelievably, 50 Shades of Grey created this new category.

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