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thI’d had a different post in mind when I woke this morning, but a family emergency sent that flying out the window at 9:00 am. I honestly don’t know where that thought is…it just went *pop* like a soap bubble.

Until it returns, I’ll talk a bit about that promotional adventure of mine this past weekend. I was poking around the other day and found the fiction anthologies section. I haven’t read an anthology in ages. To be fair, I haven’t read much outside of the many author works I’ve been asked to read. I’m finishing up three of those now as a matter of fact. All interesting reads.

The anthologies got me thinking…why couldn’t I do that too? It was relatively easy to put together a book of 1st and 2nd chapters from all of my novels, after all, they were already written. So with nothing but time to lose, I crafted a simple cover featuring my novel covers and created the sample book using Amazon’s free kindle publishing. I tried like heck to make it free. I didn’t want to sell portions of my books. How’s that for honesty.  🙂

After sending an email to Amazon asking how to make a book permanently free, I received a reply saying they don’t do that. Oh well. I priced it at 99¢ (the lowest price I could list for) and enrolled it in the Kindle KDP program that allows you to offer free books up to 5 times in a 90 day period. Then I sent out word that I was giving away a sampler.

It went really well. I hope my offering a sample portion of each of my novels will inspire a few to read entire stories. I’ll use my other free days twice more in the 90 days ahead. On the outside chance someone wants it for 99¢ now, it can be had here:


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for award winning author Cara Marsi’s blog day. She talking about writing short stories.

And over on the RB4U website we’re having a fun June Contest and you can still play until midnight (EST) this Wednesday.


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