Books as Needles

Happy Home needle book (SR)Books and needles. You don’t often hear those two words together unless grandma’s old needle book in the sewing basked or button tin comes up in conversation.  I’m referring to how all authors wish to be read but it’s not easy being found. In many respects, novels are like needles in a haystack.  Like many authors, I’ve given promotion of my novels my best go and I’m always thinking up new or better ways to go about being seen in the enormous haystack of the publishing world.

So for today and tomorrow, I’m trying something new.  I’d like to introduce my sumptuous love stories through a compilation of their 1st and 2nd chapters.  This ebook sampling of my erotic romances is FREE on Amazon. I promise their storylines are unusual and you’ve nothing to lose to take a peek!  🙂

It is my hope that readers will find my love stories the shiny needles on top and find my FREE samplings enjoyable.

And speaking of being seen. Today is the last day in the Hot and Deadly Blog Hop. The grand prize is a $50+  gift card to Barnes & Noble and lots of participant prizes too.

It’s also My Sexy Saturday! Find both events over on my satellite blog.



4 Us iconJoin us today at Romance Books ‘4’ Us

for author Desiree Holt’s blog day. She talking about CBS re-airing  her Sunday Morning program appearance tomorrow. I saw the first. It was a hoot!

And over on the RB4U website we’re having a fun June Contest and you can still play until midnight (EST)June 26th.

bee1A busy week starts tomorrow…

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  1. mikey2ct says:

    Good idea !

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