Weird Weather

Well, I dodged that weather bullet yesterday. My sympathies to those who were hit hard by the super storm and those who still get to face it as it chugs eastward. I live north of the city and we were under tornado watch all day long (with me fretting ALL day long). It was relatively mild by me, but the area south of Chicago got hammered. The local meteorologists are still trying to determine whether it was wind sheer or tornadoes that damaged several places in the state.

I woke to the Wednesday weather report warning of an odd set of components that were assembling to make a storm called a derecho. I had to look that one up. I learned a derecho is “a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms.” The most severe derechos are given the adjective “super.”

I have a weather radio that shouts weather updates at me interspersed with blaring warning tones just to be sure you’re still listening. If you’re not feeling anxious enough, try listening to that.  They were saying things like: when the storm rolls in, there will be very little time to take cover, minutes only. Well, my husband, daughter, and son were all outside Wednesday and at least two of them would be vulnerable. When weather reports call for baseball-sized hail, I’d say that’s pretty extreme. Baseball sized?? For a visual I held an imaginary baseball in my hand. Good god. They were warning people to get their animals inside. No wonder. Baseball-sized hail could kill.

Here’s last year’s derecho. Notice the characteristic bow shapes.

Some wicked weather that. I found a fairly good explanation:


I remember talk of the greenhouse effect in 1970. I can’t help but wonder if people had taken that seriously then, how 43 years spent reducing our global environmental impact might have made a difference. Would deadly weather of the sort we deal with now be the rarity? A day doesn’t go by without drought, heatwaves, deep freezes, flooding, hurricanes, and assorted terrible weather making the news. I recall Hurricane Camile in 1969, and that was a rare deadly storm. We have so many now, we get 2/3rds through the alphabet naming them.

To believe there is no climate change is a preposterous assumption.

Worth reading about: The period in time known as The Little Ice Age. Youtube has the History Channel program.


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5 Responses to Weird Weather

  1. mikey2ct says:

    I was thinking of you all day yesterday ! Especially when I saw this derecho spawned a couple of tornadoes. I’m following it today because U.S. Open play was suspended at 8:30 near Philadelphia, PA . My son Jamie lives in Laurel, MD between Washington and Baltimore. My area here today is scheduled for heavy rain and heavy showers tonight and part of tomorrow.

    • I stayed offline pretty much the whole day, just occasional peeks at commitments I had running. I was anticipating a power outage so I was saving my battery. They’re wise to suspend the US Open until after it’s long gone. It’s not uncommon to have lightning strikes 20 miles ahead of storms. My best to your son today. I hope he just gets a good rain. That should add to the June steam there.

  2. Hi honey 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Please don’t feel obligated to accept, but if you want to, the info is here:


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