All About the Dance

My husband and I went for a drive last night. No reason really, though we did end up at a store to pick up some groceries needed for the rest of the week. As best friends, we often look for moments to steal. Living in a rural area, we usually combine those spontaneous trips with a genuine need to go to town rather than burn the fuel twice. But I digress.

We came upon a red-winged blackbird in full fluffy display for his would-be mate. His wings were open, his feathers stood every which way. It’s hard to say if his dance interested her or not. I’m a creative person who lives by inspiration. So this morning with the air full of birdsong, that blackbird dance came to mind. There’s nothing to do but write about it!

Have you ever stopped to think about these dances? Just about every species has some sort of dance as part of courtship. Giraffes entwine their necks, tom turkeys puff themselves four times their size, turtles bump shells, elk bugle, etc. Humans dance too and my romances are all about the dance.

This behavior is referred to as biopsychosocial (bio-psycho-social) behavior — the reason animals and humans behave the way they do — the reason the behavior is had by the entire species. I thought I’d start the conversation today and add to it over the next few days.  In the meantime, here’s a fascinating clip of the birds of paradise. They take the dance to fabulous and bizarre levels.


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