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A Sneak Peek from a Victorian, polyamorous love story — Loving Leonardo – The Quest 
The story that began in
Loving Leonardo continues in Loving Leonardo – The Quest. Both novels were written to be reader-interactive. The main observer in this romantic tale is Nicolas Halstead, a man of means who has only recently come to discover profound truths about himself. It is through his perspective that we see and feel his Victorian world. An art historian by profession, Nicolas regularly compares life to art. Because of this, he leaves many references to artists and artworks scattered throughout the pages. These weren’t artworks randomly chosen off a list when I wrote the tale. They were carefully-considered art references placed to convey Nicolas’ thoughts, feelings, and impressions in a given moment. All art is emotion, and Nicolas wears his heart upon his sleeve. It isn’t necessary for the reader to look up each artist or artwork, though to see what Nicolas sees will certainly add color to the tale. I hope you enjoy.

Up to this point in the story Nicolas, Ellie, and Luca had been on a quest. Guided by clues found in a rare book, they comb da Vinci masterpieces searching for declarations Leonardo da Vinci left for his lover Salai. Just as they’re about to find another in Paris, a telegram comes and Nicolas rushes home to London. Ellie and Luca follow a few days later. In this scene, Nicolas shares some unsettling news — Count Bruno lives.

My Sneak Peek:
Luca sat back in his chair and tipping his head back, covered his face with both hands. His fingers curled into the midnight strands at his forehead. “Why? Why didn’t I kill him? Why didn’t I look to see if the monster was dead?”

“We just wanted to be gone from that place. We were fooled. After what you’d just been through, I’m the one who should have made certain he was dead, not you. And he certainly appeared dead to me.”

Sitting straight, Luca looked at me, sadness deepening the blue of his eyes. “I am so sorry. I am responsible for this tragedy. Bruno would never have come if not for his obsession with me. I wish it had been me instead of your Thomas.”

I shook my head.

Ellie echoed the sentiment. “Don’t, Luca. How could either of you have suspected he’d survive such a fall?”

It wasn’t the reunion any of us wanted. Matters were far too dire. By necessity we spent the next hour or so discussing Bruno in London. Our conversation lingered on the need for caution. My fatigue weighing heavily, there came a point where I simply couldn’t absorb any more. I rose from the settee and held my hands to them. “I’ve experienced such heartache this week, I can’t think anymore. I’m so very tired. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since before our storm at sea. My soul needs respite. Come to bed. I want nothing more than to hold you both and escape these anxious thoughts.”

Here’s a portion of a great LLtQ review

What a wonderful ending to this two part series of Loving Leonardo. Rose Anderson’s writing palate is amazingly colorful. Every word, phrase, and sentence have specific meanings that embed a picture in your head as you read, and you are in the scene yourself. The growing love between Nicolas Halstead and his wife Ellie is lovely, then add Luca Franco and you have a sensual, explosive, beautiful relationship. The reader is a full partner in their joy with each other. There’s no doubt that their love will stand the test of time. Secondary characters are realistic – people you can imagine knowing in your own life. The scenes of danger and suspense are well written and chilling. This book and it’s predecessor, Loving Leonardo, are so much more than erotic romance. They are learning experiences, art studies, history lessons, and most important of all – they are just darn good stories. ~ Author Jane Leopold Quinn

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2 Responses to Sneak Peek Sunday!

  1. R Lee Smith says:

    The premise here is at once fantastic and perfectly plausible, and I especially love the interactive angle where readers are encouraged to look at the artwork and see the clues for themselves. A DaVinci Code for romance readers! Well done!

    • 🙂 Thanks! Although, the artworks are more what comes to Nicolas’ mind from time to time. I chose them carefully. If I could have figured out a way to hide Salai’s declarations of love in the masterpieces I would have. Oh to understand photoshop…

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