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Sneak Peek Sunday Banner It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Here’s my Sneak Peek from Dreamscape:
Dreamscape is a sensual love story, a haunting, a time travel (of sorts), a murder, a suspense, and a mystery all rolled into one. What’s more, Dreamscape is a reader’s Easter egg hunt. Peppered throughout are clues leading the reader to a story behind the scenes. Things aren’t always what they appear to be.
I wrote this story in homage to Agatha Christie. She always hid clues in plain sight. Every chapter has them but they aren’t necessary to the telling of the tale. They’re just a fun addition that hint at a parallel storyline long before it’s revealed.

Up to this point in the story, ghost Jason has remained hidden from Lanie. When a man pretending to come for repairs that day, returns later that night intent on rape, Jason is faced with a point of decision. He saves Lanie by showing himself to her would-be attacker. Here, the police have finished their report and Lanie is alone again. Needless to say, she’s rattled by the whole experience. Jason realizes his feelings for her and a love story between the living and the dead begins.

Lanie saw the tape and blanched realizing he’d put the tape there earlier. He’d planned this from the start. “I will. Thank you, Officer.”

Alone again, Lanie went to make a cup of chamomile tea. She dropped the first cup into the sink where it shattered. The second cup sloshed hot water all over her so she poured half out and, holding the shaking cup with both hands, gave up trying to drink it. She pushed it aside and shakily sat down. Drawing her knees up, she hugged herself and sobbed.

Her sobs were tearing Jason inside. Never did he feel more useless. He’d watched the wretched scene as it was happening and threw himself at Max repeatedly, but his formless body passed right through him. He tried to grab the man and pull him off of her, but without substance his ghostly hands wouldn’t grip. At last he’d done the only thing he could think of, he materialized and scared him away. His meeting his end on the unfinished stairs was a bonus. At least the bastard wouldn’t bother her again. He shuddered inside. Had she been alone, there’s no telling what that animal might have done.

Moving to stand behind her, he silently spoke to her mind, You’re all right now. It’s over. He’ll never hurt you again. With everything he had he wrapped his arms around her tightly and poured his comfort into her. A moment later, her crying ceased. Again he whispered to her mind, Come, come into the study.

Met with an overwhelming urge to go to the study, Lanie left the kitchen light on and headed to the other room. Taking the plaid comforter from the overstuffed chair, she wrapped herself in it and curled up on the sofa. There was no way she could sleep in her bed tonight. Her tears spent, the adrenalin crash hit her hard, and she soon fell asleep.

Waiting until she drifted off, Jason kissed her forehead and whispered, “Sleep, my love, no dreams tonight, just sleep.” It hit him then. He’d called her his love, because she was.

Here’s a portion of a great Dreamscape review 

5-Stars at The Book Binge ~ Dr. Judith’s review:
“There is not a doubt in my mind that this is one heck of a novel, one that had me introspective and thoughtful when I finished, a kind of wonder that someone could have crafted such a wonderful book. That same sense of wonder is with me whenever I come out of the theater after watching one of those movies that seems to grab me by the shirt front and hold me captive throughout. That is the same feeling I had when I finished this tale.”  “there are surprises all the way through, not to mention that the ending absolutely floored me and got me all twisted up . . . in a good way, of course.” “There are twists and turns and surprises galore in this novel, not the least of which is the ending which absolutely flipped me on my head and left me with my mouth hanging open.” “Just an absolutely stunning story, and one that all lovers of romance fiction need to read.” “It is all here and Ms Anderson has woven it all into a novel that is beautifully written, well-edited, and put together so that the parts of the story flow together seamlessly.” “It is a novel I have no difficulty calling a work of art.” “So readers who love erotic romance wrapped in the mists of dream and fantasy and time-travel will find this to be a delightful reading experience, an entertaining way to spend some time, and an exercise of the mind and imagination. This novel is already on my favorites list as well as my “to read again” list.” “This is not a story that should be missed. I feel it has been a true delight and privilege to read this tale.”

…and the trailer



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4 Us iconAnd I have news! I was invited to be a part of the 20 authors who make up that fabulous long-standing resource — Romance Books ‘4’ Us (formerly Romance Books R Us until Toys R Us decided they owned all capital R’s used in titles. Shame on you Toys R Us. The alphabet and the R belong to eveRyone. Especially wRiteRs and ReadeRs.)
The site, the corresponding large yahoo group, and its blog are a wonderful collective resource. Not only do they find industry representatives to come talk shop, they showcase authors and get some pretty big-hitter guests to interact with the many members and readers. One author that makes me go absolutely fan girl is Diana Gabaldon, creator of the Outlander stories. She comes to the RB4U in September. I can’t wait to chat with her. Stop by to learn more.


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11 Responses to Sneak Peek Sunday!

  1. pennyalley says:

    So tender and so tragic, all at once. Poor Jason. I can’t wait to read more of this!

  2. Melissa Keir says:

    Wonderful blurb and excerpt! Sounds amazing! All the best!

    • Thanks Melissa. 🙂 I’ve changed so much as a writer since this story was crafted. It’s interesting for me to go back and see just how much. One day when I get my rights back, I may rewrite. Or not. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Yes, tender and tragic. This story sounds just amazing!

  4. R Lee Smith says:

    Tender and tragic say it perfectly. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more haunting description of what it must be like to be a ghost, and yes I know it’s dismally inappropriate to pun at a time like this, but it’s the only word that fits.

  5. Thank you everyone. An author can’t receive better praise for their work.

  6. Great emotion! Loved the snippet.

  7. mikey2ct says:

    Just this week, I TBRd Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander !

    • Diana’s background is marine biology. If you like historical and scientific details, you’ll love her style. The dialog is conversational and metered like you’re listening to it. Very nice. I found her first book by accident and flipping through, decided to give it a read. I was hooked by the 3rd chapter. Each book is about 1000 pages. The entire series, and the offshoots have been a part of my annual fiction binge for years.

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