A Labor of Love

For the last three days I’ve been blogging about colloquialisms. Our lives are peppered with them. Many have surprising origins — like the term slush fund has a nautical origins, and all of a sudden comes from Shakespeare. Surprisingly, a good deal of those compact quips so familiar to our day-to-day have only a handful of sources.  In many cases, if it didn’t come from  Shakespeare, and it’s not Nautical, then there’s a good chance it’s a quip with Biblical origins. Though there are loads more than I’ve mentioned here,  those three sources give us so many of the common ones we all know and use every day. Loving words like I do, especially evocative words, it’s only natural that I’d get into colloquialisms.  Like quotes, they often encapsulate exactly what needs saying in the moment. When you’re a writer, it doesn’t get better than this!

moseToday, I’ll give you a few Biblical examples. I have the large groups separated alphabetically. You might catch  a repeat with an extra word now and then.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush * A broken heart * A drop in the bucket * A fly in the ointment  * A labor of love * A law unto themselves * A leopard cannot change its spots * A man after his own heart * A multitude of sins * A nest of vipers * A peace offering * A sign of the times * A two-edged sword *  A wolf in sheep’s clothing * All things must pass * All things to all men * Am I my brother’s keeper? * An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth * As old as Methuselah * As old as the hills * As you sow so shall you reap * Ashes to ashes dust to dust * At his wits end 

B – I:
Baptism of fire * Bite the dust *By the skin of your teeth * By the sweat of your brow * Can a leopard change its spots? * Cast the first stone * Charity begins at home * Don’t cast your pearls before swine *  Eat drink and be merry *  Faith will move mountains * Fall from grace * Fat of the land * Feet of clay * Fight the good fight * Fire and brimstone * Flesh and blood * For everything there is a season * Forbidden fruit * Give up the ghost * Go the extra mile * Good Samaritan * Harden your heart *  Holier than thou * How are the mighty fallen * In the twinkling of an eye * It’s better to give than to receive *

L – S:
Labor of love * Lamb to the slaughter * Law unto themselves * cast the first stone * Let there be light *  Living off the fat of the land * Live by the sword, die by the sword * Love thy neighbor * Man does not live by bread alone * Manna from Heaven * Many are called but few are chosen * My cup runneth over * My heart’s desire * No rest for the wicked * Nothing new under the sun * O ye, of little faith * Out of the mouths of babes * Peace offering *  Physician heal thyself * Pride goes before a fall * Put words in one’s mouth * Put your house in order * Red sky at night; shepherds’ delight (I know this with sailor instead of shepherd) * Reap the whirlwind * The root of all evil* See eye to eye * Set your teeth on edge * Sign of the times *  Sour grapes * Spare the rod and spoil the child * Strait and narrow * Sweat of your brow *

T – W:
Tender mercies * The apple of his eye * The blind leading the blind * The breath of life * The ends of the earth *  The fruits of your loins * The letter of the law * The love of money * The powers that be * The root of the matter * The salt of the earth * The skin of your teeth * The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak * The strait and narrow * The sweat of your brow * The wages of sin * The way of all flesh * The wisdom of Solomon * The writing is on the wall * Thou shalt not kill * To everything there is a season * Wash your hands of the matter * Weighed in the balance * White as snow * Wolf in sheep’s clothing Writing is on the wall * You reap what you sow

And these are only the ones I thought commonplace. There’s a LOT more.


I’m in three blog hops at once this week sharing excerpts and offering prizes. What’s more, using my other blogs for hops means I can share colloquialisms  here! Come see.

The Hot Summer Nights Hop

The Wet and Wild Blog Hop (last day and last chance to win!)

The Hop Against Homophobia

And that’s not enough! Tomorrow I’m doing the Sneak Peek Sunday. I might offer a peek at my soon-to-be-released Enchanted Skye. Or…I might offer a snippet from my MO (5-year-in-the-making, 500k, 5-book, recently returned to, as-yet-unnnamed, magnum opus — my labor of love. Hey that’s biblical!  😀



~ Coming Soon ~


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Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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