Release Day! Loving Leonardo – The Quest

Yes I’m smiling. Last night friends and family celebrated with the requisite champagne and cheesecake. This new release makes 6 books in two years. I’m not as prolific as some, but I am steady and I have a lot of stories tucked away in my imagination. I long for a cable to plug into my ear so I can upload all the stories in my head directly to the laptop. The backlist would be HUGE.  😀

Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson


*** A Two Lips Reviews Recommended Read ***

A CataRomance Sensual Reads
Reviewer’s Choice Winner
for Historical Romance

A Victorian polyamorous love story
with a touch of reader-interactive art history

The adventure continues…

***Just Released!***

Loving Leonardo – The Quest

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Art Historian Nicolas Halstead never could have imagined a book Leonardo da Vinci created for his lover Salai existed, let alone lead to subtle declarations of love worked into da Vinci masterpieces. Nor did he ever picture himself a married man in a polyamorous relationship.

Happy and content, Nicolas, Ellie, and Luca embark on a quest to learn all they can about the greatest mind of the Renaissance. But their world takes a devastating and deadly turn that sends Nicolas into the seedy deviant underworld of Victorian London. It soon becomes clear that Conte Acario Bruno lives, and the madman wants far more than Leonardo’s book. He wants Nicolas dead and Luca for himself.


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About ~RoseAnderson

Rose Anderson is an award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in discovering interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes under the pen name Madeline Archer.
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5 Responses to Release Day! Loving Leonardo – The Quest

  1. mikey2ct says:

    Rose…Congratulations. I just discovered a few days ago that I not only owe you (and a lot of other authors) some reviews but I have only TBRd Hermes Online and Dreamscape..So now I will have 3 books to review and 3 including Quest to bu yet.

    • Thanks Mike. I’m honored that you’d read my flights of fancy. I recommend starting with my newest and working back. 🙂

      • mikey2ct says:

        There are only a few people that I follow as i do you. and don’t be so modest. You know damn well you could be ‘cranking out ‘ way more output if you chose to do so. However, it would not be telling the story you want to write, would it? Remember my original email a year ago? You pop in my head, almost every time I make a pot of coffee.
        I already bought Loving Leonardo so I’ll start with it, then Quest and the work back.

  2. marlynne hodges says:

    I’ve been waiting for it since before SK’s Tommyknockers.  Lol ; -). Congratulations 🙂

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