The A to Z Survivor

survivor_[2013]Today Alex J Cavanaugh, the inspired mind behind the A to Z Challenge, sent round an email with the findings of the participants. So it’s time to reflect and add my findings to the rest. As you know the A to Z Challenge took up most of the month of April. It was my first event and I know if it remains an annual thing, I’ll be there. Nerd I am, I loaded my posts with all things fascinating to me.
Here are my results:

581 visitors
18 subscribers

Ok, I have NO idea how this is possible, but according to WordPress stats each visitor averaged 2.29 hits. What? How does one take a % of a look? Talk about a drive-by! The math makes that 1284.69 views !!?

The power posts were the historicals. At one point we had a nice discussion going in comments. The posts with less participation concerned nerdy science stuff. I may stick with the historicals.

Out of all, the most popular posts were A, D, G, H, K, F, N, Q, W, with G surpassing the rest. Assessing today, I see to some degree that my post visits per day reflected the act of terrorism in Boston. Tragic business that.

One fun idea came out of the A to Z. I so enjoyed talking about historical findings that I was inspired to created a Salon blog. I’ve been busy with edits, but when time frees up in the next several days, I plan to open that to anyone who wants to share historical info they’ve picked up here and there. I also plan to attach a yahoo group to it. Who knew blogging the alphabet would be such fun.
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4 Responses to The A to Z Survivor

  1. That’s like a third of a look!
    Glad it was fun for you. This is our fourth year, and we will definitely continue. So hope to see you next year as well.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Congratulations on finishing the Challenge and thank you for sharing the statistical data. I’m glad you are a fan!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

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