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Today’s Calliope’s Writing Tablet post is brought to you by the letter T for Tollund Man.

In 1950, peat cutters in Denmark uncovered a man’s body in a bog. From the look of it, it was a recent death. The police were called and to everyone surprise, the body was actually more than 2000 years old. What’s more, this was a human sacrifice.  He’s not the only bog body found in the peat bogs of Denmark, Germany, Holland, Britain, and Ireland. There are a number of them actually. Estimates range as high as 700. Most of the bodies were placed in the bogs during the European Iron Age and in the Roman period, between about 800 BC and AD 200. The oldest bog body was found in Denmark — the Koelbjerg Woman. Estimates date her to about 1000 AD. 

Peat, also known as turf, is the compressed partially decayed vegetation found in bogs. Think of it like coal that isn’t quite finished forming.  Peat’s highly acidic  nature and the fact that it’s oxygen-poor, means these bog bodies are generally very well-preserved — even their clothing and skin.

More fascinating information here

And… a terrific interactive here

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I’ve had so much fun discussing my historical posts in the A to Z Challenge. To keep conversations going, I’ve just launched a new blog — a Salon Blog called Another Stone Unturned Pressed for time now that my edits are in progress, I’ve put my Gobekli Tepe post there to reanimate the discussion. Let’s talk about it. What have you found on the web? What stone might still be unturned for interested learners? What can you share? I’d love to see! Read the details and let’s start the ball rolling.

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1 Response to The A to Z Challenge – T for Tollund Man

  1. Hello! Bog bodies?? Yikes! I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near a bog! It could make for an interesting mystery or horror story, though.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

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