It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Here’s my Sneak Peek from The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book 2 Eluwilussit)
Setting the Stage: Anticipating the inevitable confrontation with Eli (Eluwilussit), Ash takes Livie to the reservation to John’s family to keep her out of harm’s way. Seeing the friendship between Ash and John, Uncle Abbie and Aunt May make a decision to adopt Ash into their family.

Jo and John nodded. Seeing that, Cora guessed what was coming and nodded too.

Abbie continued, “Ash, I know you are Nooke. John has said this. As you already know, my family is Makwa. The bear is your doodem, and is our totem as well. As descendants of Nooke we are from the same people the Miigis sent west from the sea. In the old days our family name was Miskobagizi. Today, we use the Anglo form, RedLeaf. We would give your people back to you, Ash. May and I would make you our son, if you would agree. Your name would be Ash RedLeaf. You would be one of us, one of our family.”

Overcome with emotion, Ash could not speak. Forcing his voice, it sounded raw when he stood and asked forgiveness for leaving them. Alarmed, Livie made to follow, but May laid a hand upon her arm and said with a gentle smile. “Leave him be for now, Livie. A man’s heart can only take so much at one time. He will return.”

Ash stood on the wooden porch and held his palms to the sky in thanks for this wondrous gift. He needed to think. Taking a deep breath, he drew inward. His clothing fell away as his body took the form of a Peregrine falcon, the fastest member of the animal kingdom. Quick as a shot, he flew straight up into the air. There in the wide empty sky, his mind spoke with his heart. He had not had family since he was nine winters old. Of course, he’d remained part of his clan, but still a child alone without family. And here in this new world, these special people offered their family to him. He wanted this, he wanted family again. But the sad truth was, until Eluwilussit was dead, all he could offer in return was danger.

He tumbled into a turn and at 200 miles per hour hurled his aerodynamic body toward the ground. He and Livie were lovers and she might conceive a child as a result, his child. If Eluwilussit managed to kill him, the child would need family to raise him. The child would be a RedLeaf. He would belong to the Makwa, the bear people of the Nooke. The bear clan would look after his child, as they had looked after the orphan he had been.

He broke his fall at the last moment and landed lightly on top of his clothes. Returning to his human body, he dressed quickly, then went inside to the table. With his palms held up before him, he bowed his head to Abbie and May. “Father and Mother, I would be honored to be your son.”



I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge. For 26 days in April and excluding Sundays (which I’ll be using for the Sneak Peek), I’ll write a post for each letter of the alphabet. Follow this link on the banner above to nearly 2000 other bloggers and authors.

Scroll down to catch up on letters A to L, I have some fascinating topics posted, if I do say so myself!

Monday, letter S!



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